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As people look for environmentally friendly forms of transportation, bicycles have become more and more popular. Bicycles are a great way to lessen our reliance on oil and make it easier to get around town avoiding auto traffic. With the increase of bicycles on the streets it has unfortunately created a dangerous situation as these bicycle must travel on the same roads as cars and trucks. Now bicycle riders are even more exposed to serious bicycle accident injuries because they compete for space on the same roads as these heavy vehicles.

Bicycle Accident Attorney Urges Safety

Bicycle riders are required to follow the exact rules as trucks, cars, buses and motorcycles. They are also urged to use bicycle lanes to help avoid possible bicycle accident injuries. It is also highly recommend that you follow traffic laws by wearing a helmet to help protect a bicycle rider in the event that they are in a traffic accident. Regardless how safe a rider tries to be there is always a chance that they will be in a bicycle vs car accident. If you have been injured in a bicycle wreck you should seek representation from an experience bicycle accident attorney by getting a free case consultation.

Comparative Negligence in Bicycle Accidents

When there is a bicycle accident with another vehicle the courts must determine who was at fault through comparative negligence. Comparative negligence is used to determine how much at fault both accident parties are. In many cases a bicycle rider could be partially at fault if they did not follow the rules of the road, wear a helmet or contribute to the bicycle accident in some other way.

If you are a victim of a bicycle accident and they are placing some blame on you, you should get help from a California bicycle accident attorney today! At Torem and Associates we can help bicycle accident victims like you get the representation that you deserve.

Bicycle Accident Insurance Coverage

Most bicycle riders are unaware that their car insurance might cover some of the accident injuries. The Medical Payments coverage in your auto policy might be available to use for bicycle accident injuries. Also if by chance the driver does not have insurance on their car but you carry UM/UIM, your bicycle accident injuries might be covered by your insurance.

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If you are injured in a bicycle accident a personal injury attorney can help you find out if your auto insurance policy will cover any bicycle accident injuries you might have sustained. Contact a personal injury attorney at Torem and Associates to get your free accident consultation today.
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