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No matter how careful a worker may be on the construction job site, oversights on the part of others can lead to serious injuries that may have been easily have been prevented. Depending upon whether an accident occurs because of faulty equipment, unsafe conditions, negligence of a co-worker or supervisor, or other dangers, responsible parties can include:

  • Employers
  • Manufacturers of faulty equipment
  • Co-workers

Construction Worker Fatality Statistics

In 2014, there were 4,251 worker fatalities reported. Of those, 20.5% (874) were construction site deaths. In other words, one in every five workers killed on the job were on a construction site.

Common Construction Site Injuries

The four most common construction injuries are:

  • Trip, Slip, or Fall – Including falling from a scaffold or rooftops
  • Electrocution – Exposed wiring is often prevalent at a construction site
  • Being Struck By An Object – Falling tools, beams, boards, etc.
  • Caught In Between Two Objects

A Word About Workers’ Compensation

Under most circumstances, an individual/worker that is injured at a construction site can only sue his employer directly under the workers compensation laws of the State of California. However, in some instances, where someone other than the workers’ employer is negligent and creates the danger at the construction site, the injured employee may sue the sub contractor or entity that caused their injuries and obtain compensation from them separate and apart from the workers compensation benefits obtained from their own employer.

This is important because in very serious injury/catastrophic injury cases, the injured worker does not get any money for his “pain and suffering” because the workers compensation system does not take into account pain and suffering.If an injured worker is able to sue the third party responsible for the dangerous condition, the injured worker may then be compensated for his pain and suffering in addition to his loss of income and medical damages.

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