What is the Most Important Insurance Coverage a Motorcycle Rider Can Have in California?

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents result in substantial damages because the injuries from an accident tend to be catastrophic. When a motorcyclist is in a collision with another vehicle, the rider has no protection from the impact of the collision. Even riders who wear a helmet and other protective gear can be seriously injured in a motorcycle

Why is a Motorcycle Accident Different from a Car Accident?

Every motor vehicle accident is unique. You can have the same two vehicles in the same type of crash but have different injuries and results. This is because a minor difference can have a major impact on the outcome of the collision. However, when you have different types of vehicles involved, there are differences that apply to those specific vehicles. For example, an accident involving a commercial truck is different from an accident involving only passenger vehicles. Large truck accidents tend to involve substantially more injuries to the occupants of other vehicles than to the truck driver. The reason is that a semi-truck provides more protection than a smaller vehicle in a collision between the two vehicles. Likewise, when you have a motorcycle or a bicycle involved in a crash with a passenger vehicle, the rider has an increased risk of injury because a bicycle and motorcycle do not offer the same protection as a passenger vehicle does for its occupants. Handling a motorcycle accident claim can be much more complex given the differences. For experienced help filing your motorcycle accident claim, call 800-954-4444 for a free consultation with a Fresno motorcycle accident attorney.

Motorcycle Officer Injured In Downtown Fresno Traffic Accident

ABC30 is reporting on a traffic accident that happened in downtown Fresno at U Street and Tulare Street. According to the Fresno police department, a motorcycle officer was traveling eastbound when a westbound driver made a left turn to get onto the 41 south on-ramp. The last minute turn resulted in a collision. The driver of the vehicle was charged with a right of way traffic violation. Common Traffic Violations That Result In Collisions Almost any traffic violation can result in a traffic accident. However, as Fresno car accident attorneys, there are some traffic violations that we see more often than other violations in car accident cases.

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