Common Medical Malpractice Cases in California

When you need medical care, you expect to receive help. You do not expect to hurt by the doctor or other medical provider. Sadly, some patients will be the victims of medical malpractice. When a doctor or other health care provider fails in his duty of care, a patient might recover compensation for damages by filing a medical malpractice claim.

Have You Started Your Holiday Shopping for 2017?

Many people have begun their holiday shopping while others will wait for Black Friday in hopes of getting the best deals on gifts for everyone on their holiday shopping list. Some retailers have already leaked their Black Friday ads in hopes of attracting shoppers to their stores when the doors open on Black Friday. Other retailers have decided to open on Thanksgiving Day to give shoppers an early start to the holiday shopping season. Big Lots and Game Stop decided to be open on Thanksgiving Day this year. However, some retailers have announced they will be closed this Thanksgiving Day to give their employees the day to spend with family and friends. USA Today reports that Cabela’s, Burlington, Ikea, Neiman Marcus, and Home Depot are just a few of the stores that will not be opening their doors to customers on Thanksgiving Day this year. ABC30 has a list of stores in Fresno on its website that will be open and closed on Thanksgiving Day. Whether you choose to shop on Thanksgiving Day or wait until the early morning hours on Black Friday to begin your holiday shopping, you need to remember to be safe and smart during the holiday shopping season.

Deadly Crash Claims Four Lives in Fresno County

According to ABC30 News, a tragic car accident near Clovis claimed four lives earlier this month. The car crash occurred near Shields Avenue and Academy Avenue near Clovis around 2:00 a.m. The driver of an SUV drifted into the other lane and before crashing into a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. The driver of

Should I Submit To Arbitration To Settle My Car Accident?

Arbitration is becoming a popular method of resolving contested legal matters outside of the courtroom. However, arbitration is not for every case and you need to be sure you understand the rules regarding arbitration before you agree to submit your claim to arbitration. What is Arbitration?

Wife of Los Angeles Police Office Appears In Court On DUI Accident Charges

According to a report by the Ventura County Star, Alayna Monroe appeared in court or an arraignment related to a New Year’s Day crash that resulted in a fatality and several injuries. The court continued her arraignment until March 23. Monroe faces a charge of felony vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and two other charges related to bodily injury. On the morning of January 1 just after two o’clock, police allege that Monroe was driving south on Sycamore Drive with her wife, Los Angeles police officer Heather Monroe, when she ran a red light at the intersection with Cochran Street colliding with another vehicle. Monroe’s wife was killed because of injuries sustained in the crash. The driver and the passenger in the other vehicle suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

What Makes A Death Wrongful Under California Law?

Dealing with a wrongful death claim is one of the most complicated and delicate matters a Fresno injury attorney can handle. While you need to pursue the claim aggressively, you must also be aware of the family’s emotions and pain as they deal with the loss of their loved one. Our Fresno wrongful death attorneys understand the delicate nature of a wrongful death. We also understand the importance of filing a wrongful death claim against the party who caused the death to hold that party accountable and liable for the action that led to the tragic death of your loved one. Call our office at 1-800-954-4444 to speak with one of our attorneys about filing a claim to seek justice for yourself, your family, and your loved one.

What Happens In A Wrongful Death Case?

Before A Lawsuit Is Filed When you come into our office, our Fresno wrongful death attorney will listen to your story and review the facts of the case with you. Based on your situation, the attorney may suggest one or more legal remedies, including a wrongful death lawsuit. However, before filing a wrongful death lawsuit, your attorney conducts a thorough accident investigation to identify, gather, and preserve key evidence to use in proving the other party was at fault for the accident. The evidence may also be used to prove your damages. This may also include consulting experts, such as an economist, to determine the true value of your wrongful death claim. After your attorney has evaluated and investigated your claim, he begins negotiating with the insurance company for the other party to settle your wrongful death claim. The negotiation phase can take several months as your attorney and the insurance company representative go back and forth discussing settlement figures. If the insurance company agrees to settle the claim, your attorney walks you through the process of settling the claim. However, if the insurance company refuses to pay a fair amount, your attorney may suggest you file a wrongful death lawsuit. After The Wrongful Death Lawsuit Is Filed

Two Fresno Toddlers Found In Neighbor’s Pool

In a tragic story reported by KCRA3, two Fresno toddlers who were reported missing were found in a neighbor’s pool. The two-year old girl and the three-year old boy were pronounced dead at the hospital. According to the news story, the deaths appear to be an accident. Swimming Pool Accidents The tragic story above highlights how dangerous a pool can be, especially for young children. In just a few seconds, the unthinkable can happen and your world becomes a living nightmare. For thousands of families each year, unintentional drowning accidents take a loved one far too soon.

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Can Self-Driving Vehicles Reduce Accidents In The Central California Valley?

There has been a lot of attention lately regarding self-driving vehicles. As with all forms of technology, vehicles are becoming “smarter” as the technology used on vehicles improves. However, will the increased use of self-driving vehicle reduce the number of traffic accidents in California and the United States? Autonomous Vehicles Will Reduce Traffic Accidents This was the conclusion of a report by the consulting firm of McKinsey & Co. The Wall Street Journal published a story last year stating that autonomous vehicles would reduce the number of traffic accidents by 90 percent and save Americans more than $190 billion in damages from traffic accident each year. The information was from the report by McKinsey & Co. However, over one year later, we see that not all self-driving vehicles prevent accidents. Some of these vehicles are responsible for traffic accidents.

Are Head-On Collisions More Dangerous Than Other Types of Traffic Accidents?

Just last month, another person died in a head-on collision in the central California Valley area. KFSN in Fresno reported on a crash with a big rig that resulted in the death of a man in Mendota. A man was driving on Highway 33 at Bass Avenue when he veered and slammed head-on into a large truck. The collision took the man’s life. Police continue to investigate, but the cause of the accident is unknown. What Is A Head-On Collision? A head-on collision occurs when the front end of one vehicle slams into the front end of another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. This type of collision often results in severe injuries or fatality. Because of the high rate of fatalities, head-on collisions are one of the most dangerous types of traffic accidents, especially for occupants of smaller vehicles hit by larger vehicles (i.e. small car hit by a large truck or motorcycle hit by an SUV).