Drowsy Driving is a Real Danger on California Roads

Drowsy driving, fatigued driving, or sleep driving — whatever you call it, driving while you are so tired that you have trouble staying awake is dangerous. Drowsy driving can have deadly consequences. You may never consider getting behind the wheel of your car after drinking or after taking a prescription pain medication that can make

Tire Failure and Car Accidents

Help Avoid Car Accidents By Checking Warning Signs of Tire Failure Taking care of preventive maintenance and addressing problems as soon as you notice them can be critical for minimizing the chances that you are involved in a Fresno car accident. Replacing your tires and maintaining proper tire pressure are essential components of keeping the high standards of performance in your vehicle, but they are also critical for safety. Tires that need to be replaced should never be driven. Read on to learn more about some of the following signs that your tires are in desperate need of replacement.

February 19th, 2016|Car Accident|