How Can a Witness Help in My Accident Claim?

The role of a witness in an accident claim can be very important, especially in cases where fault is being challenged. If possible, ask for the names and contact information of any witnesses at the accident scene. You should never rely on law enforcement officers to do this for you. It is always in your best interest to obtain this information if at all possible before you are transported to the emergency room or before you leave the accident scene. Remember, some witnesses may only remain at the scene for a few minutes. Once they see that no one is seriously injured and other people are there to help, witnesses may leave. Try to speak to them or having someone ask for their contact information before they can leave. Our Fresno injury attorneys will search for witnesses to your accident, but it helps if you have the information. Call 1-800-954-4444 to schedule a free consultation and no-obligation case evaluation with an experienced attorney.

Insurance Firm Files Subrogation Claim for $31,000

The Northern California Record reports that Interinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club filed a lawsuit in the Fresno County Superior Court last month against several defendants.  The company is seeking almost $32,000 plus interest from the defendants for money it paid arising from a collision. It appears that one of the defendants may have caused the collision with the company’s customers.

How Do I Know If I Suffered a Catastrophic Injury?

Any injury can disrupt your life and cause great pain and suffering. However, some injuries are so great in nature they rise to the level of a catastrophic injury. Many accident victims recover fully from the injuries sustained in the accident. However, some victims will suffer lasting and debilitating disabilities because of their injuries. A catastrophic injury is devastating in so many ways. Therefore, it is important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

Bicyclists Injured in Central California Valley Because of “Dooring”

Bicyclists face a variety of threats when they are cycling. Everything from wet, slick roads to gravel, road debris, and negligent drivers can cause a bicycle accident in a split second. Riders must remain alert at all times. However, even the most alert rider cannot avoid some accidents, especially those involving a motorist. While we

Major Car Seat Recall — Parents Should Check This List of Recalled Car Seats Immediately

You did your research, and you read every review before choosing a car seat to protect your child. However, your child’s car seat may be on this list of recalled car seats released by the NHTSA. At least 16 car seat models have been recalled for failing to comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213. These car seats could increase the risk of injury for infants and children in a car accident. Major manufacturers like Evenflo and Graco are on the list.

Would You Want Your Teen To Wear Drunk Goggles?

No, these beer goggles are not a prank, and they are not funny — they are very, very serious and they could save your teenager’s life. Drunk driving and underage drinking are serious problems in the Central California Valley area and throughout the United States. Despite the numerous PSAs and educational courses aimed at teaching teenagers about the dangers of drinking and driving, too many teens are injured or killed in drunk driving accidents each year in this country. Jeff Rossen of the Today Show demonstrated a tool being used by one company to make the dangers of drunk driving more “real” for teenagers in some cities.

Why Do I Need An Accident Reconstructionist For My Fresno Car Accident Case?

In some car accident cases, it is easy to determine fault. For example, a driver turns left in front of you or rear-ends you at a red light. The insurance company for the driver may not fight your claim too aggressively, but don’t always assume it is a clear-cut case. Even in simple cases, an insurance company may decide it is in its best interest to fight the claim to pay as little as possible to the accident victim.

Are There Limits On Truck Driver Hours?

Truck accidents cause horrific injuries for drivers and passengers of other vehicles.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said that over 70 percent of the injuries and deaths in large truck accidents were sustained by the occupants of other vehicles in 2014. During that year, 111,000 people were injured in 3,903 people were killed in truck accidents in the United States. Unfortunately, truck companies often push their drivers to exceed the safe number of driving hours to increase their profits. If truck drivers don’t get enough sleep, they have an increased risk of causing a drowsy driving accident. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimated that 13 percent of the accidents each year are caused by driver fatigue. Approximately 25 percent of truck drivers admitted they had fallen asleep at the wheel within the past month.

Why Do I Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

California law requires that drivers purchase a minimum amount of liability insurance. Liability insurance protects others in the event that the driver causes a crash that results in injuries and/or damages. The minimum liability insurance requirements in California are: $15,000 in coverage for injury or death to one person $30,000 in coverage for injury or death to two or more people $5,000 in coverage for damage to property Drivers may choose to purchase coverage in amounts greater than the minimum coverage. However, the above amounts are the minimum insurance coverage a driver can have and legally operate a vehicle in California. Drivers who do not have the minimum liability insurance coverage can face fines, vehicle registration suspension, and vehicle impoundment.

Did You Hear About The Latest Self-Driving Car Disaster?

Manufacturers and proponents of self-driving vehicles claim the next step in automobile evolution will reduce accidents and save lives. While this may be true, we are still years if not decades away from self-driving vehicles in every driveway. A self-driving car demonstration at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas highlights the need for much more research and fine-tuning before self-driving vehicles take over our roads.