Does a California Motorist Owe a Duty to a Bicyclist?

Bicyclists know that they face threats each day on California roads. A rider must watch for dangerous road conditions and road hazards in addition to watching for distracted and reckless drivers. Regardless of how careful a bicyclist may be, a rider cannot always avoid all bicycle accidents. To hold a motorist responsible for his or

How Can a Witness Help in My Accident Claim?

The role of a witness in an accident claim can be very important, especially in cases where fault is being challenged. If possible, ask for the names and contact information of any witnesses at the accident scene. You should never rely on law enforcement officers to do this for you. It is always in your best interest to obtain this information if at all possible before you are transported to the emergency room or before you leave the accident scene. Remember, some witnesses may only remain at the scene for a few minutes. Once they see that no one is seriously injured and other people are there to help, witnesses may leave. Try to speak to them or having someone ask for their contact information before they can leave. Our Fresno injury attorneys will search for witnesses to your accident, but it helps if you have the information. Call 1-800-954-4444 to schedule a free consultation and no-obligation case evaluation with an experienced attorney.

Bicyclists Injured in Central California Valley Because of “Dooring”

Bicyclists face a variety of threats when they are cycling. Everything from wet, slick roads to gravel, road debris, and negligent drivers can cause a bicycle accident in a split second. Riders must remain alert at all times. However, even the most alert rider cannot avoid some accidents, especially those involving a motorist. While we

What Is The Formula For Calculating Non-Economic Damages in California?

When you are injured in a personal injury accident, you suffer a variety of damages. In addition to your physical injuries, you also experience a financial loss and emotional stress. If you didn’t cause the accident, you deserve to be compensated for your damages by the person, company, or government entity who caused the accident that resulted in your injury. Because the legal system cannot undo your injuries sustained in the car accident, it can only provide a way for you to receive a monetary award from the responsible party.

GPS Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted driving is the number one cause of motor vehicle accidents in the United States. Texting while driving, eating, putting on makeup, reading, and adjusting the radio are just a few of the distractions that are causing thousands of injuries and deaths each year. Electronics and vehicle systems can cause the driver to become distracted

Fresno Bicycle Community Honors Edward Lund

ABC30 reported on the Hammer Road Rally, a bicycle ride in honor of the late Edward Lund. Edward Lund was the Fresno State arts curator before his death last year. He was known in the bicycling community as “The Hammer.” Lund died while on a bicycle ride in Sonoma County. The Hammer Road Rally raised funds for the Lund Foundation which provides scholarships for art students. The former U.S. champion and Olympic medalist Levi Leipheimer was one of the participants.

Jury Rules Against Caltrans And Awards Family $9.5 Million

This is not the first jury award against Caltrans for a crosswalk accident. A jury awarded a 17-year old girl, who was struck in a crosswalk and left in a vegetative state, and her family $12.2 million dollars in 2010. This summer, Caltrans lost a lawsuit resulting in a $9.5 million jury award to the family of a 69-year old man who died after a car struck him in a crosswalk. Why did the jury rule against Caltrans? Dangerous Crosswalks In the case of the 69-year old man, the jury found Caltrans to be 90 percent at fault for the accident. The jury only assigned 10 percent fault to the driver who struck the pedestrian. The lawsuit alleged that Caltrans was liable because it knew that marked crosswalks without stoplights were more dangerous compared to unmarked stoplights. The crosswalk where the man was struck was marked, but it had no stoplights. A news report states that Caltrans had promised to install pedestrian-activated stoplights but never installed the lights. 

Fresno Named As Focus City For Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

For over a decade, the U.S. Federal Highway Administration has focused extra resources on states and cities that have the highest bicycle and pedestrian fatality rates. When the list of cities and states was updated for 2015, Fresno was added to the list. According to The Fresno Bee, the issue of pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents in Fresno has caught the attention of several people and groups. The Fresno mayoral candidates will participate in a forum entitled “Walk & Roll” to discuss pedestrian and cyclist issues. Fresno Pedestrian Accident and Bicycle Accident Statistics The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) provides data on traffic fatalities for cities and counties each year. During 2013, 77 pedestrians and 46 bicyclists died in motor vehicle accidents in Fresno County. In Fresno alone, 35 pedestrians and 27 bicyclists died that year. Therefore, almost one-half of all pedestrian deaths and over one-half of all bicyclist deaths in Fresno County occurred in Fresno curing 2013.

Are Traumatic Brain Injuries Common in Bicycle Accidents?

Most people riding bicycles don’t think about being injured. Compared to the speed of cars and the dangers of motorcycles, bicycles seem relatively safe. Unfortunately, brain injuries in bicycle accidents are more common than you might think, especially if you fail to wear a helmet. In fact, the risk of brain damage or injury is the reason some states have enacted helmet laws for children. The Risk of Brain Injury Because of the lack of protection for the rider and the fact that many people do not wear helmets when riding a bicycle, head injuries are common in bicycle accidents. Riders may flip over the handlebars and strike their head against the pavement or other object in a collision. This can cause a concussion or TBI (traumatic brain injury).  A concussion is a minor brain injury which typically heals in a short time; however, some concussions can result in long-term medical conditions. Even a slight concussion can develop into a more serious condition that can lead to memory loss, emotional instability, or the inability to control body functions.