California Work Zone Accidents

As a Fresno and Los Angeles area crash attorneys, we see many reasons for car crashes.  One reason for car accidents that many people never consider is a work zone. Because the state, county, and city must maintain our roads, there seems to be some type of road construction or maintenance occurring all year throughout Los Angeles County and Fresno County. Work zones create hazards and dangers for workers, drivers, and others using the road. To protect workers and allow for equipment, traffic must be rerouted, lanes are narrowed, or sections of road may be blocked off. Unfortunately, these are the very things that can create a hazard if the work zone is not properly maintained in a reasonable and safe manner that reduces the risk of a work zone accident.

Are The Headlights On Your Car Bright Enough To Avoid A Car Accident?

When you are driving at night, you depend on your car’s headlights to provide sufficient light to see objects in front of you. Pedestrians, animals, vehicles, road debris, and other objects can appear suddenly. It helps to have as much time as possible to apply the brakes to avoid a collision. At night, your headlights