Weather-Related Accidents in Fresno, CA

It does not matter if you call it poor, extreme, adverse, bad, or hazardous weather conditions, driving in rain, fog, ice, or snow can increase your risk of being involved in a traffic accident. Many people assume they can drive the same way, regardless of the road conditions. Unfortunately, if you do not take precautions, you could cause a weather-related traffic accident.

Scarring and Disfigurement Claims

Motor vehicle accidents can have tragic, life-long results. Even when a car accident does not result in traumatic injuries, the disruption to the victim’s life can still be extensive. From taking time off work to recover from injuries, repairing your vehicle, and dealing with insurance adjusters to recoup your financial losses, the consequences of a motor vehicle accident can and do often extend far beyond the healing process. A painful example of the consequences of an accident that can cause a lifetime of pain is scarring and disfigurement. Many victims of catastrophic accidents suffer permanent disfigurement and scarring because of the injuries sustained in the crash. Because scarring and disfigurement is a painful reminder of the suffering endured in the accident, the victim can suffer intense emotional stress and mental anxiety. Victims deserve to be compensated for these damages in addition to the other damages suffered because of the crash.

Fresno County Car Accident – Failure to Obey Stop Sign Results in Death

According to reports by bystanders, the driver of a car failed to stop at a stop sign causing two fatalities in a Fresno County car accident. One person said drivers “think that just because it’s a small street that they can go flying by sometimes.”  The collision occurred at the intersection of Henderson Road and West Lincoln Avenue near Raisin City. Two teenagers died because of injuries sustained in the collision. According to one report, a Pontiac Grand Prix failed to stop at a stop sign colliding with a Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck travelling in the opposition direction. One witness stated he never heard any brakes just the sound of the collision. Law enforcement officers stated the driver of the truck tried to stop. The two teenagers who died in the accident were in the Pontiac Grand Prix. No other individuals were seriously injured in this Fresno County car accident.