Two-Car Crash Injures 12 People

A two-car crash west of Tulare injured a total of 12 people last week. According to ABC30 News, the traffic accident occurred at Avenue 240 and Road 68 just before 11:00 p.m. CHP officers said that a black BMW was struck by a Suburban when it ran a stop sign. The four people riding in the BMW suffered minor injuries. However, the eight people in the Suburban had to be transported to the hospital.  At the time of the story, there was no news on the victims’ conditions. Two of the people in the Suburban were children riding in car seats. Sadly, the children were not buckled into the car seats correctly.  Both children were thrown from the vehicle as it flipped over. A CHP officer commented that it is unfortunate when people don’t take the time to buckle children into their car seats correctly. It appears that the driver of the Suburban may be charged with felony DUI.

DUI Accident Results in One Death

According to ABC7 News, an alleged DUI accident resulted in the death of a passenger. The driver, who may have been impaired at the time of the crash, ran into a power pole in Vernon last week. The accident occurred around 11:30 p.m. in the 2300 block of Vernon Avenue. The driver suffered serious injuries and had to be transported to the hospital. The passenger was pronounced dead at the accident scene. Beer bottles were seen in the road near the wrecked vehicle.

Should I Submit To Arbitration To Settle My Car Accident?

Arbitration is becoming a popular method of resolving contested legal matters outside of the courtroom. However, arbitration is not for every case and you need to be sure you understand the rules regarding arbitration before you agree to submit your claim to arbitration. What is Arbitration?

Three People Killed In Kings County DUI Accident

In a tragic DUI accident near Hanford last week, a thirteen-year-old boy along with his father and mother were killed. The teenager and his father died at the scene while mother passed away after arriving at the hospital. According to a sibling, “with a snap of a finger,” the family of six is now a family of three. According to reports, the family was returning from the son’s basketball practice in Fresno when the car they were riding in was struck. A 1992 Chevy pickup ran a stop sign at the intersection of Idaho Avenue and Highway 43. The crash was still under investigation, but the California Highway Patrol said that the 42-year old driver of the truck was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. He could face multiple felony charges once he is released from the hospital.

Would You Want Your Teen To Wear Drunk Goggles?

No, these beer goggles are not a prank, and they are not funny — they are very, very serious and they could save your teenager’s life. Drunk driving and underage drinking are serious problems in the Central California Valley area and throughout the United States. Despite the numerous PSAs and educational courses aimed at teaching teenagers about the dangers of drinking and driving, too many teens are injured or killed in drunk driving accidents each year in this country. Jeff Rossen of the Today Show demonstrated a tool being used by one company to make the dangers of drunk driving more “real” for teenagers in some cities.

Wife of Los Angeles Police Office Appears In Court On DUI Accident Charges

According to a report by the Ventura County Star, Alayna Monroe appeared in court or an arraignment related to a New Year’s Day crash that resulted in a fatality and several injuries. The court continued her arraignment until March 23. Monroe faces a charge of felony vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and two other charges related to bodily injury. On the morning of January 1 just after two o’clock, police allege that Monroe was driving south on Sycamore Drive with her wife, Los Angeles police officer Heather Monroe, when she ran a red light at the intersection with Cochran Street colliding with another vehicle. Monroe’s wife was killed because of injuries sustained in the crash. The driver and the passenger in the other vehicle suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Fresno DUI Accident Results In One Death

According to a Your Central Valley report by Eric Luttrell, the victim in a DUI accident was identified as a 59-year old man from Kerman. The crash occurred on Jensen between Grantland and Chateau Fresno. The driver of the other vehicle has been charged with felony DUI as a result of the crash. In addition to impaired driving, investigators said that the dense fog might have also contributed to the traffic accident.

Fresno Drunk Driver Receives Harsh Sentence

According to ABC30 Action News, Judge Jonathan Conklin sent a strong message about the dangers of drunk driving when he sentenced a repeat offender to life in prison. Six years ago, on Thanksgiving, Cesar Gonzalez Moreno was behind the wheel of his El Camino with a .30 blood alcohol content when he hit an SUV. The force of the impact threw the driver out of the front window, even though he was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the collision. Eugenio Fuentes Ramirez died from injuries sustained in the accident. His wife, Petra Silva, survived.

Can I Sue A Bar For A Drunk Driving Accident?

Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs is extremely dangerous. Thousands of people are killed or injured in drunk driving accidents each year across the United States. The intoxicated person not only takes his life into his hands but he risks the lives and health of everyone on the road when he chooses to get behind the wheel. Because of the risk to the public, California takes a very serious stance against drunk driving. As Christmas and New Year’s Eve approach, the number of drunk drivers on the road is expected to increase. Many of these drivers will be hitting the road after a holiday party. If that is the case, can you hold the bar or host responsible if the drunk driver causes an accident that injures another person?

Driver Convicted Of Murder After DUI Accident

The Fresno Bee reported that a driver was convicted of murder after a DUI accident in 2010. Cesar Gonzalez Moreno pleaded no contest to a murder charge related to the DUI accident on Thanksgiving Day 2010. His blood alcohol content was four times the legal limit when he caused to separate collisions on Highway 180 and Highway 99 that day. Moreno is scheduled to be sentenced on December 7. He could serve up to 21 years in prison.