Insurance Firm Files Subrogation Claim for $31,000

The Northern California Record reports that Interinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club filed a lawsuit in the Fresno County Superior Court last month against several defendants.  The company is seeking almost $32,000 plus interest from the defendants for money it paid arising from a collision. It appears that one of the defendants may have caused the collision with the company’s customers.

DUI Accident Results in One Death

According to ABC7 News, an alleged DUI accident resulted in the death of a passenger. The driver, who may have been impaired at the time of the crash, ran into a power pole in Vernon last week. The accident occurred around 11:30 p.m. in the 2300 block of Vernon Avenue. The driver suffered serious injuries and had to be transported to the hospital. The passenger was pronounced dead at the accident scene. Beer bottles were seen in the road near the wrecked vehicle.

What Are the Long-Term Effects of a Brain Injury Caused by a Car Accident?

Brain injuries are very common in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 2.5 million people will be treated in emergency rooms each year for traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). In 2013, 56,000 people died from TBIs, and 282,000 people were hospitalized for brain injuries. While senior adults over the age of 75 years have the highest rate of TBI-related hospital visits and deaths, anyone can suffer a brain injury.

How to Stay Safe While Bicycling This Summer in Fresno

Thousands of Californians injury riding their bicycle each day. Whether it is for pleasure, exercise, or an inexpensive form of transportation, bicycling continues to gain in popularity. As such, more and more bicyclists are on the roads in and around Fresno and the Central California Valley area. As you enjoy riding this summer, remember these

Does My Pre-Existing Condition Impact My Car Accident Claim?

Simply because you have a pre-existing condition does not mean that you can recover compensation in a car accident claim. However, you need to disclose the condition to your Fresno car accident attorney immediately for several very important reasons.

Major Car Seat Recall — Parents Should Check This List of Recalled Car Seats Immediately

You did your research, and you read every review before choosing a car seat to protect your child. However, your child’s car seat may be on this list of recalled car seats released by the NHTSA. At least 16 car seat models have been recalled for failing to comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213. These car seats could increase the risk of injury for infants and children in a car accident. Major manufacturers like Evenflo and Graco are on the list.

Warning Signs Indicate Senior Drivers May Need To Stop Driving

Do you have a loved one age 65 or older? If not, you will likely have a loved one who is 65 soon. Data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that all baby boomers will be 65 years of age or older by the year 2029. At that time, more than 20 percent of the United States population will be over the age of 65 years.  One concern with an aging population is an increase in the risk of motor vehicle accidents. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that the risk of being killed or injured in a motor vehicle accident increases with age. During 2014, over 236,000 older drivers were injured in motor vehicle accidents, and 5,700 older drivers were killed in motor vehicle accidents. Sadly, these figures may increase substantially when the number of senior drivers increases. What can you do to help prevent senior driving accidents in Fresno?

Accidents From Objects Falling Off Vehicles

When you think about accidents involving poorly secured loads, you often think about crashes involving commercial trucks or semi-trucks. However, cargo falling from commercial trucks is not the main source of road debris. Federal regulations have strict standards for loads on commercial vehicles.  Loads must be secured in accordance with these regulations to avoid items falling off the vehicle causing a hazardous road condition that can lead to a crash. However, many drivers transporting items on passenger vehicles don’t take the same care when securing their loads. Failing to secure items can result in road debris that causes dangerous conditions for other drivers.

Pedestrian Accident In Northeast Fresno Claims Life

Last week a man in his 70s died in a pedestrian accident in Northeast Fresno according to the Fresno Police Department. According to ABC30 Action News, the gentleman was crossing the road at Shepard Avenue and Chestnut Avenue around 7:00 p.m. The driver of the vehicle remained at the accident scene while police investigated. It was unknown whether the pedestrian or the driver had the right of way at the time of the collision.

Injured Accident Victim Sues Honda and Uber

A young woman has sued Honda and Uber for an accident that left her paralyzed. A 24-year old Texas woman, Sarah Milburn, was traumatically injured when the Honda minivan she was riding in was involved in a car crash in November 2015. The tragic accident occurred when Milburn and her friends called for an Uber ride while out celebrating her birthday. According to several news reports, Milburn has sued Uber, the Uber driver, and Honda alleging several causes of action. The lawsuit alleges that the Uber driver ran a right light causing the collision that resulted in Milburn’s injuries. Uber is named as a defendant because it was revealed that the Uber driver had a criminal record and owner of the Honda Odyssey did not have insurance. Uber claims to require background checks on its drivers. Milburn’s attorneys allege that Uber did not take adequate steps to ensure she was protected while riding in a vehicle operated under its name by one of its drivers.