Insurance Firm Files Subrogation Claim for $31,000

The Northern California Record reports that Interinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club filed a lawsuit in the Fresno County Superior Court last month against several defendants.  The company is seeking almost $32,000 plus interest from the defendants for money it paid arising from a collision. It appears that one of the defendants may have caused the collision with the company’s customers.

Scarring and Disfigurement Claims

Motor vehicle accidents can have tragic, life-long results. Even when a car accident does not result in traumatic injuries, the disruption to the victim’s life can still be extensive. From taking time off work to recover from injuries, repairing your vehicle, and dealing with insurance adjusters to recoup your financial losses, the consequences of a motor vehicle accident can and do often extend far beyond the healing process. A painful example of the consequences of an accident that can cause a lifetime of pain is scarring and disfigurement. Many victims of catastrophic accidents suffer permanent disfigurement and scarring because of the injuries sustained in the crash. Because scarring and disfigurement is a painful reminder of the suffering endured in the accident, the victim can suffer intense emotional stress and mental anxiety. Victims deserve to be compensated for these damages in addition to the other damages suffered because of the crash.

Why Do You Need To Pay Attention To Time Limits In California Personal Injury Cases?

If you or a loved one is injured in an accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your damages. Examples of accidents that often give rise to an accident claim are slip and fall accidents, motorcycle crashes, car accidents, commercial truck crashes, and pedestrian accidents. Any accident that results in an injury or death can result in compensation for the accident victim. To receive compensation, the accident victim must prove that the other party caused the accident and the victim suffered injuries and damages because of the accident. The types of damages and amounts of compensation vary based on the facts and circumstances of each claim. However, at least one thing is the same in all accident claims — time for filing a claim is limited.

What Should You Do After An Uber Accident

If you are a driver or even the passenger of another vehicle, getting in an accident with an Uber vehicle can be complicated. Unlike other car accidents where you deal with your insurance company and the provider for the other driver, you may also have the insurance company for Uber involved as well.

Caltrans To Monitor Wrong-Way Drivers

Wrong-way accidents are becoming more common as the incidents of distracted driving continue to increase. Drivers who are distracted are more likely to drive the wrong-way compared to drivers who remain alert and focused. While there may be some reasons for wrong-way accidents that are not related to distracted driving, such as medical emergencies or confusing road signs, most wrong-way accidents are the result of distracted driving.

Driver Kills Another Person Trying Avoid Hitting A Pedestrian

Metro News published a story by The Associated Press on December 12 about a fatal car accident in Farmersville. According to the report, the accident occurred about 50 miles southeast of Fresno in Central California. Police said that the driver of a vehicle struck a pedestrian on the sidewalk after the driver swerved to miss a woman who was crossing the street on foot. The man on the sidewalk died at the scene from injuries sustained in the collision. Police did not release any names. The investigation was ongoing at the time of the news report.

Pedestrian Injured in Visalia

The Fresno Bee posted a local news story on December 17 about a woman being injured in a Visalia pedestrian accident. According to the Visalia Police Department, the accident victim was crossing Jacob Street near Allen Avenue when a vehicle struck her. The driver of the vehicle remained at the accident. Lt.  Ron Epp of the Visalia Police Department said that drugs or alcohol do not appear to be a factor in the Visalia pedestrian accident. The accident victim was transported to Kaweah Delta Medical Center before being transported to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno. She is reported to be in critical condition. The Fresno Bee also reported that the pedestrian was not using the crosswalk when the accident occurred.

Clovis Pedestrian Killed In Accident

ABC30 Action News reported on a pedestrian accident that claimed the life of one person. Last week, a car struck a pedestrian at the intersection of Barstow and Flower in Clovis. According to witnesses, the vehicle was traveling south on Fowler when the incident occurred. Some witnesses told police that the pedestrian might have been crossing the against the light at the time of the accident. The driver of the vehicle remained at the accident scene and is cooperating with police. It does not appear at this time that alcohol was a factor in this pedestrian accident.

Who Pays For My Medical Bills After An Accident?

One of the largest expenses in most car accident cases is medical expenses. In cases of traumatic injuries, the medical expenses can quickly add into the tens of thousands of dollars. If you are also out of work because of your injuries, you are probably trying to make ends meet with a reduced household income. This makes paying medical bills nearly impossible, if not completely impossible. What can you do?

How Do I Prepare For My Free Consultation With My Fresno Injury Lawyer?

When you are injured in an accident, you have many questions such as: “Who will pay my medical bills?” “How do I recover my lost wages?” “I need a vehicle. Who pays to replace or repair my car?” “If I cannot go back to work, what will I do for money?” “How long will it take to settle my accident claim?” “I don’t have the money to hire an attorney. What can I do?”