Seven Ways to Avoid an Accident When Merging

Merging into heavy traffic can be difficult, especially on interstates and highways where cars are traveling at high rates of speed. Even experienced drivers can make mistakes when merging. For inexperienced drivers, attempting to merge into heavy traffic at high speeds can result in a traffic accident. Incorrect merging maneuvers can cause other drivers to swerve into other lanes or slam on the breaks. On an interstate, the result could be a multi-car accident. It is extremely important that all drivers learn proper merging rules and follow those rules each time they change lanes or enter traffic from an off-ramp.

California Work Zone Accidents

As a Fresno and Los Angeles area crash attorneys, we see many reasons for car crashes.  One reason for car accidents that many people never consider is a work zone. Because the state, county, and city must maintain our roads, there seems to be some type of road construction or maintenance occurring all year throughout Los Angeles County and Fresno County. Work zones create hazards and dangers for workers, drivers, and others using the road. To protect workers and allow for equipment, traffic must be rerouted, lanes are narrowed, or sections of road may be blocked off. Unfortunately, these are the very things that can create a hazard if the work zone is not properly maintained in a reasonable and safe manner that reduces the risk of a work zone accident.

Two Killed In 605 Freeway Crash Near Cerritos

According to a report by KTLA, a crash on the 605 Freeway this past weekend claimed two lives and left three people injured. The accident, which occurred around 1 a.m. Saturday morning, at the 91 Freeway exchange closed both sides of the 605 Freeway for more than eight hours. California Highway Patrol was still investigating, but officers said that alcohol and speed might have been contributing factors in the accident. Six vehicles were involved in the early morning crash. A CHP release stated that one man died at the accident scene and a 24-year old Huntington Beach resident died after being transported to a local hospital. Three other people sustained injuries in the collisions.