How to Keep Kids Entertained at Thanksgiving?

Are you hosting your family for Thanksgiving Day? If so, do you have enough plans to keep the children busy while adults socialize and deal with the food prep and cleanup? A little bit of planning can make your holiday celebration fun and entertaining for children so that the adults can socialize and relax while the little ones enjoy a variety of activities that do not add to your long to-do list.

Non-Traffic Motor Vehicle Accidents and Children

A recent study highlights the dangers that motor vehicles pose to children. You might think that the risk of injury from motor vehicles is only related to traffic accidents. However, the study focuses on deaths and injuries for children involved in non-traffic accidents involving motor vehicles. An article in Science Daily discusses the study and its findings. Some of the findings were both interesting and disturbing. What Did the Study Reveal About Non-Traffic Motor Vehicle Accidents and Children? After an extensive review of accidents and incidents involving children and motor vehicles, the study reveals statistics about the rate of occurrence of these types of accidents. From 1990 through 2014, over 11,750 non-traffic incidents resulted in deaths and injuries in children 14 years of age and younger. During that time, 14,500 children 14 years of age and under were injured in non-traffic accidents. Approximately 3,400 children were killed in non-traffic accidents during this period. Non-traffic accidents involving children occurred in a variety of locations and situations.