Who is Responsible for a Stoned Driver Accident?

I was injured in an accident caused by a “stoned” driver. The driver was arrested at the accident scene and taken to jail. What should I do now? Unfortunately, this is a common question because drugged driving is becoming a bigger problem in the United States. Some critics of legalized marijuana argue that it increases the risk of drugged driving accidents because more people are driving while stoned. As California personal injury attorneys, we are more concerned with ensuring that accident victims receive the legal advice and representation they need to pursue an accident claim against an at-fault driver.

Are You Prepared for a Swimming Pool Accident?

School is out and it is time for some fun in the sun. For many people, summertime means it is pool time. However, if you don’t take precautions with your pool, a fun summertime activity can turn tragic in a matter of seconds. When a pool accident occurs, it raises many questions about safety, liability, and damages. The attorneys of Torem & Associates can provide you answers to those questions while working through some of the issues you will face following a pool accident. Call our office at 1-800-954-4444 to schedule a free consultation with one of our Fresno accident attorneys.

Head Injuries May Lead To Serious Brain Diseases

Scientists from UCLA have found that head injuries can increase the risk of developing certain disorders including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, depression, and schizophrenia. The research has been published by EBioMedicine.

Warning For All Drivers Of Potential For Assault

Our Fresno personal injury attorneys want to make all drivers aware of a dangerous scam that can result in an assault. ABC30 Action News reported that a search was being conducted for a man who allegedly caused a car accident to commit a sexual assault.

January 9th, 2017|Car Accident, Injury Lawyer, Personal Injury, Truck Accident|

Can The Other Driver’s Insurance Company Obtain My Medical Records After An Accident?

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is a traumatic event. After the crash, you need to seek medical attention for your injuries. Even if you do not believe you are seriously injured, it is always best to be checked by your physician. Some symptoms may not appear for a few days while other “minor” aches and pains may continue to grow worse in the weeks and months after the accident. Symptoms that do not go away or become worse could be signs of a more serious injury. In addition to seeking medical treatment for your health and well-being, you need to see a doctor to document your injuries. It is not enough to prove the other driver caused the accident, you must also prove you were injured in the accident. Medical records are the most common and accepted form of evidence proving a person was injured in a collision. Therefore, seeing a doctor benefits your health and protects your right to recover compensation for your injuries. An insurance company could use a delay in treatment to argue your injuries did not occur in the traffic accident.

Traffic Fatalities: Elderly Man Dies In Head-on Collision With Tractor Trailer

In a tragic head-on collision with a Peterbilt tractor trailer just south of Mendota, a 74-year old Fresno man lost his life and the 71-year old Los Banos Peterbilt driver was seriously injured. The Fresno man was traveling east on West Jefferson in his GMC 2010 pickup truck according to The Fresno Bee when the collision occurred. The driver of the tractor trailer took evasive action to avoid a collision when the man crossed over into his lane but was unable to do so. The driver of the tractor trailer was transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

Three Reasons Car Insurance Rates Are Increasing

According to a Today Show story, car insurance rates are rising at the fastest rate in 13 years. Drivers are paying on average five to 10 percent more for car insurance. In Georgia, drivers are paying 25 percent more for car insurance while drives in California are dealing with a seven percent increase. Automobile insurance companies claim the increase follows years of decreasing profits due to three main reasons:

Tragic Dog Attack in Fresno, CA

According to news reports, a shar pei pit bull mixed-breed dog fatally attacked a 3-day old infant in Fresno, CA.  The mother had left the child only for a moment when the dog, that she thought was chained in the back yard, entered the house and attacked the infant. Fresno police Lt. Dan Macias said this appears to be a tragic accident and no charges are expected to be filed. The dogs are in the car of animal control until the investigation into this tragic dog attack is completed. This heartbreaking dog attack reminds us that even the friendliest family pet can turn vicious without any warning. Simply because a dog has never acted aggressive or bit a person is no reason to assume the dog will never become violent and harm someone. It is better to take precautions before a dog becomes violent.

July 11th, 2016|Dog Bites, Injury Lawyer, Personal Injury|

Oregon Supermarket Ordered to Pay $1 Million in Punitive Damages for Slip and Fall

An Oregon jury sent a strong message to businesses regarding slip and fall cases. The jury in Portland, Oregon awarded an 85 year old man one million dollars in punitive damages related to a slip and fall at a Safeway. Christopher Armstrong-Stevenson was also awarded $600,000 in actual damages. It is the million dollars in punitive damages that should have many business throughout the United States reviewing their policies regarding how accidents on their premises are treated. According to one juror, “No matter what the company, if someone gets hurt in your business, you have to investigate. We didn’t see anything set up after the fact to say, ‘Hey, we learned our lesson. Here’s what happened, and here’s how we changed to make things better.’”  Attorneys for Armstrong-Stevenson said that the verdict sends a strong message to the supermarket chain that it must take customer safety more seriously.

Why Does My Insurance Company Tell Me Not To Say “I Am Sorry” After A Car Accident?

We are taught from a very early age to say “I’m sorry” when we accidentally do something to injury another person. We are also taught to say “I’m sorry” when we do something “wrong.”  Offering an apology comes as second nature for many of us; however, saying “I’m sorry” after a car accident can hurt