Fresno Halloween Safety Tips

When you are out trick-or-treating with your children this year, it is important to review pedestrian safety tips with your children. Each year, thousands of people are killed or injured in pedestrian accidents. Many of these accidents occur at dusk or at night. Before going out with your children this Halloween, remember these important pedestrian safety tips: Avoid wearing dark colors, especially at night. This is difficult on Halloween as many costumes are made using dark fabrics. To offset the dark colors, add reflective tape around the hems of the costumes, let your children carry flashlights, carry reflective or glow in the dark bags, and wear blinking jewelry. Walk in groups. It is easier to see a large group rather than one or two individuals. Stay with your children. Walk with your children as they trick-or-treat. Do not let your children run ahead. Tell your children crossing the street is only permitted with an adult. Only cross the street at crosswalks or at intersections. Stay on sidewalks at all times. If sidewalks are not available, walk on the side of the road as far off the road as safely possible. Trick-or-treat before dark, if possible. Wear comfortable shoes and keep hems above the ankles to avoid tripping. Do not allow “horseplay.” Children can be pushed into the street.