Fresno Woman Killed in Highway Collision

A Fresno mother of four died in May when she was struck after a highway collision on Highway 99. According to her son, Ivonne Rodriguez was on her way home to Fresno when the highway collision occurred. According to law enforcement officers, Rodriguez’s vehicle was sideswiped by a tractor-trailer on Highway 99. Rodriguez’s vehicle was on the shoulder partially blocking the fast lane when she exited the vehicle. Another vehicle, swerving to avoid the crash, collided with Rodriguez. She died from her injuries. It was after dark when the highway collision occurred and Rodriguez had her emergency lights on. According to CHP, the other driver was not speeding and apparently did not see her or expect her to be outside of her vehicle. Rodriguez’s son questions whether the other driver was distracted even for a second and that could have been why the other driver did not see his mother.  He believes his mother exited her vehicle to check on other accident victims because she was a good person who did the best she could for her family.