Stay Safe On Fresno Roads During Labor Day Weekend

Are you taking advantage of the last long weekend of summer to take a Labor Day weekend road trip? Many people choose to celebrate the unofficial end of summer by traveling somewhere for the long weekend. Whether it is to the beach or to the mountains, Labor Day weekend will see an increase in motorists. Fresno drivers should be especially careful when travelling during Labor Day weekend. Things you can do to protect yourself and your family while traveling on Labor Day weekend include: Avoid Distractions While Driving Distracted driving has become a huge problem in Fresno and throughout the United States. As more people use electronic devices while driving, the number of distracted driving accidents continues to rise. Furthermore, vehicles with more sophisticated features, even the features intended to help reduce distractions (i.e. voice commands) also remove the driver’s attention from the road. While you are traveling this Labor Day weekend, reduce your distractions to avoid a collision.