Los Angeles Wide Turn Truck Accidents

Have you seen a commercial truck make a turn? The truck driver must swing the truck out wide to the left before he can make a right turn. This maneuver can place the truck in the path of another vehicle. Furthermore, when making the right turn, the cab and trailer make a tight angle that can easily trap any vehicle in its path between the cab and trailer.

Hit And Run Accident Kills Young Boy

CBS Los Angeles reports that a man is in custody facing charges after a young boy died from injuries in a hit and run accident last week. The hit and run accident occurred at the intersection of Towne Avenue and 82nd Street in Florence, CA. The driver struck the 5-year old child twice before fleeing the accident scene. Surveillance video captured what appeared to be a green Suburban or Chevrolet Tahoe with front end damage.

The Police Said I Was At Fault for My Motorcycle Accident, Can I Still Get Compensation For My Injuries?

Fresno Attorney For Motorcycle Accident Injuries According to the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System, motorcycle accidents increased 23% between 2003 and 2012. Some people speculate this may have been due to the recession as people sought to a find more fuel-efficient, less-costly means of transportation. Others felt it might be due to the increased number

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