Review of 2018 Changes in California Traffic Laws

Drivers in California began the New Year with a few new traffic laws. Two of these traffic laws went into effect on January 1 and two more become effective on July 1. The new laws are aimed at making California roads safer for everyone who uses our roads each day.

What I Wish I Knew Before My Fresno Traffic Accident?

It would be great if we could turn back time so that we could correct missteps that cost us money, stress, or time. Unfortunately, this is not possible. However, we can learn new things that can help us if another similar situation occurs again or if a family member or friend experiences a similar situation or event. Sadly, most people do not search for what to do after a traffic accident until they have been injured in a traffic accident. It is too late to take some of the steps they should have taken; however, the information they learn may help them going forward or if they are ever in a similar situation. For that reason, our Fresno traffic accident attorneys offer the following information for anyone who has been injured in a traffic accident or knows someone who has been injured in a traffic accident.

How Important Is It To Conduct An Accident Scene Investigation?

When you are in a car accident, the police officer responding to the accident does a thorough accident scene investigation to gather and preserve evidence you can use in a personal injury case. This is a common misconception that can impair your ability to recover full compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses. While a police officer does investigate the accident scene, he is doing so in order to determine if a traffic violation has occurred. This is a criminal investigation in order to issue a traffic ticket. A personal injury claim is a civil matter. The police report generated by the officer is not evidence because the police officer was not a witness to the collision. He can only make assumptions based on evidence at the accident scene and statement made by witnesses. Therefore, it is vital that an independent accident scene investigation is performed to identify, secure, and preserve key evidence that can prove the other driver was at fault for the collision.