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Five Items You Should Use Every Time You Ride Your Motorcycle

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Do you love riding your motorcycle in the Fresno area? We have some of the most beautiful roads and highways in the Central California Valley area. Many motorcyclists enjoy riding through our beautiful communities. However, motorcyclists must take steps to protect themselves from distracted drivers who fail to yield the right of way to motorcyclists.  From 2013 to 2014, California motorcycle fatalities increased 12.1 percent from 463 in 2013 to 519 in 2014.

If you enjoy riding your motorcycle, please take precautions to reduce your risk of serious injuries in a motorcycle crash. Below are five pieces of motorcycle equipment that can provide additional protection in the event of a motorcycle crash.

Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle helmets save lives! This fact has been proven time and again by various studies by different groups. Unfortunately, some riders do not like being told they must wear a helmet when they ride their motorcycle; however, if you want to protect yourself, you will wear a helmet. A motorcycle helmet protects your head during a collision. A motorcyclist receives the full impact of a collision because there is nothing between the rider and the other vehicle to protect the rider. A helmet can reduce the risk of traumatic brain injury and death from a motorcycle crash.

Neck Brace

Neck braces are another piece of motorcycle equipment that reduces your risk of serious injury in a motorcycle crash. However, many motorcyclists choose not to wear a neck brace because they do not like the restriction, they do not want to spend the money on a neck brace, or they do not like how a neck brace looks. When you consider how many neck and spinal cord injuries from motorcycle crashes cause permanent paralysis, you may change your mind about a neck brace.


Gloves protect your hands during a motorcycle crash. When you are struck by another vehicle and you are thrown from your motorcycle, it is instinctive to put your hands up to break your fall. Thick, padded, leather gloves can reduce injuries from abrasions in a crash.

Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets provide another layer of padding and protection during a motorcycle crash. A well-constructed jacket can help protect internal organs during a collision.

Riding Boots

In a motorcycle crash, the first area that typically comes in contact with the pavement is your legs, ankles, and feet. During a collision, you instinctively put your feet down to brace your fall. Injuries to this area of the body are quite common in motorcycle crashes. Protecting your legs, ankles, and feet with riding boots can reduce the risk of months of painful recuperation and rehabilitation.

Do You Need a Fresno Motorcycle Crash Attorney?

If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, you may be facing substantial financial damages in addition to the physical pain and emotional suffering you will endure as you struggle to recover from your injuries. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can help protect your legal right to receive full compensation from the driver who caused the collision.

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