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Disabled Vehicle Causes Death In Visalia

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A disabled vehicle resulted in the tragic death of a Visalia man. According to Visalia Times, a man was struck by two vehicles as he was trying to push his vehicle out of the street. The accident occurred on Walnut Avenue just west of Ben Maddox Way. The victim suffered severe head trauma and internal injuries. He died from his injuries after being transferred from Kaweah Delta Medical Center to Fresno Regional Medical Center.

How To Handle A Break Down on The Road

The above tragic story is another example of someone being severely injured because their vehicle broke down. Break downs can happen at any time to any vehicle — even a newly purchased vehicle. Knowing how to handle a break down on the road can protect you and your passengers from harm.

Call For Assistance

If your vehicle breaks down in a dangerous area, remain in your vehicle and call police for assistance. Keep the doors locked! Otherwise, call a towing company or your insurance company for roadside assistance. Do not get out of your vehicle in heavy traffic. It can be extremely dangerous to stand outside the vehicle on the side of interstate or busy highway.

Move Vehicle To The Side Of The Road

If you can safely move your vehicle out of the roadway, do so. However, it can be very dangerous to make repairs or examine damage on a busy road, such as a highway or interstate. In the case of a flat tire, slowly make your way off the road before changing the tire. It is worth the cost of a new tire or rim to protect your life. Once your vehicle is off the road, turn your steering wheel in the opposite direction of the road and apply your handbrake to prevent your vehicle from rolling into traffic.

Be Prepared For Roadside Emergencies

Keep emergency flags, reflective triangles, and flares in your vehicle at all times. Turn on your hazard lights to let other motorists know you are in distress. Other items that can help during a break down include jumper cables, heavy-duty rope, canned instant tire inflator, gloves, and a first aid kit.

Be Cautious Accepting Help From Strangers

Exercise good judgment when accepting help from strangers who approach your vehicle. If you feel threatened or you are suspicious of the person who stopped to offer help, crack your window slightly to thank the person for stopping and tell the person help is on the way.

Have You Been Injured In A Car Accident?

Even with the best precautions, you can be injured in a traffic accident. If you have been injured in a crash in Fresno, CA or the surrounding Central California Valley area, we can help.

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