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Five Bad Driving Habits That Are Simple To Break

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There are many bad driving habits that drivers are guilty of each day. However, some bad driving habits increase your risk for traffic accidents or increase your risk of being injured in a traffic accident. Below are five bad driving habits that are very easy to break.

Failing to Signal

You no longer need to stick your arm out of the car window to signal drivers of your intent to turn left or turn right. Now your vehicle does that for you, provided to engage your signals. The purpose of a signal is to let other drivers know you intend to turn. Using signals help prevent car accidents. Turn signals also let other drivers know you intend to change lanes. Make it a point to always use your turn signal. Once you are in the habit of using your signals, you will do so without thinking about it.

Exceeding the Speed Limit

Many drivers believe speed limits are more of a “suggestion” than an actual limit, even though they know they are risking a traffic ticket by speeding. However, speed limits are determined after a careful study of road conditions, traffic, and area. Speed limits are designed to reduce the risk of an accident. For example, experts adjust speed limits for sharp curves to a speed that will reduce the risk of an accident. Speed limits are reduced in neighborhoods and near schools to reduce the risk of an accident if a child runs out in front of a driver. You don’t only avoid traffic tickets by driving the speed limit; you also reduce the risk of a traffic accident.

Failing to Come to a Complete Stop

Some drivers love “California stops,” as they are called — failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. Rolling through stop signs is a bad practice that can result in a collision. Always come to a complete stop whenever you pull up to a stop sign.

Using Your Cell Phone

For many drivers, this is a hard habit to break. The urge to “stay connected” even when you are driving can be overwhelming. However, study after study has concluded that using a cell phone, even in hands-free mode, significantly increases your risk of a car accident.

Not Wearing a Seat Belt

Studies have proven that wearing a seat belt can save your life and reduce the risk of serious injury in a car crash. However, many drivers fail to wear their seat belt. Make it a point to buckle up for 30 days, and you will create a habit that could save your life.

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