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How Well Do You Know California Traffic Laws?

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There are a lot of myths and assumptions regarding traffic laws in California. Some people do not learn about these myths and incorrect assumptions until they are pulled over by a highway patrolman or a police officer. By then, it is too late. Unfortunately, other drivers only learn about these traffic laws after they are involved in a car accident because some of these myths and assumptions can be very dangerous on the road.

Can I wear headphones while driving in California?

It has been illegal to wear headphones while driving for many years; however, the law did not specifically make it illegal to wear earbuds. In January 2016, a new law went into effect that makes it illegal to wear earbuds in both ears while driving or while riding a bicycle. Ear coverings interfere with a driver’s ability to hear thereby putting the driver and other’s at risk.

Do I have to turn my headlights on in the rain?

California does not have a mandatory law requiring you to turn your headlights on when it begins to rain. However, turning on your headlights when it is raining can decrease your risk of being in a collision by making your vehicle more visible to other drivers.

Is driving barefoot illegal in California?

A common myth is that you can receive a traffic ticket for driving barefoot. It is not illegal to drive without shoes in California. In fact, if you are wearing flip flops, it might be safer to slip off your shoes to prevent flip flops from becoming caught on the pedals, especially if you are driving a manual shift vehicle.

Can I get a traffic ticket if my radio is too loud?

Yes, you can actually receive a traffic ticket if someone can hear your radio 50 or more feet away from the vehicle. As with the earbuds and earphones, a radio that is too loud can prevent a driver from hearing sounds that may prevent a collision.

Can I talk on my cell phone in California?

As of January 2017, all cell phone use is banned except for hands-free use. Governor Brown signed legislation that makes it illegal to use a cell phone with your hands while driving for any reason. The law is intended to reduce the number of accidents related to cell phone use while driving.

For a review of new traffic laws that became effective in 2016 or 2017, you can visit the California Department of Motor Vehicle’s website. You can also review the California Driver Handbook available online.

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