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Common Injuries Sustained In Personal Injury Accidents

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The term “personal injury” covers a variety of accidents including:

If a person, company or government entity causes injury to a person, that person may have the right to recover compensation from the party responsible for the injury. It is important to act quickly to protect your legal right to receive compensation for damages. Call Torem & Associates at (888) 500-5000 to schedule a free legal consultation with a Fresno personal injury attorney.

Injuries That Are Common In Accidents

You can suffer almost any injury in an accident; however, some injuries are more common in accidents than other injuries. Injuries that our Fresno personal injury attorneys see in accident claims include:

Back and Neck Injuries

We see back and neck injuries in falls and traffic accidents. Accident victims suffer whiplash, sprains, herniated discs, soft tissue damage, and cervical fractures. Whiplash is thought to be a “minor” injury; however, whiplash can result in chronic pain and reduced mobility that impairs the ability to work and perform daily tasks. Spinal cord injuries can result in partial or complete paralysis.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are also common in motor vehicle accidents and falls. Most broken bones heal with time, but some breaks require surgery to install pins, plates, and screws. Permanent disability and arthritis can result from broken bones. In addition to broken bones, amputations, fractures, sprains, dislocations, and nerve compression are also common accident injuries.

Brain and Head Trauma

A head injury can result from almost any type of accident. A closed head injury occurs when a hard object strikes the head causing injury to the brain. With a penetrating brain injury, an object penetrates the skull to enter the brain tissue. Brain and head traumas can be mild with few symptoms or severe, resulting in permanent disabilities.

Internal Injuries

Internal bleeding and damage to internal organs frequently occur in car accidents, especially in traffic accidents involving commercial vehicles. Commercial trucks can literally crush a passenger vehicle causing the occupants to become trapped in the crumpled metal. The result is internal bleeding and damage to internal organs. In severe cases, the damage can result in death.

Personal Injury Claims

When you are injured in an accident caused by another party, you have the legal right to recover compensation for your losses, injuries, and damages. To recover compensation, you must prove the other party is responsible for causing the accident, and you suffered damages because of the accident.

Hiring a Fresno personal injury attorney is your first step in filing a personal injury claim. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling accident claims and fighting insurance companies for fair and full settlements for claims.

If you have been injured in the Fresno, CA or the surrounding Central California Valley area, we want to help you recover the compensation you are entitled to receive under California’s personal injury laws. Contact Torem & Associates by telephone at (888) 500-5000 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation with a Fresno personal injury attorney. We do not charge for the first appointment, so there is nothing to lose by learning your rights and getting answers to your questions about filing a personal injury claim.


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