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Corcoran Truck Accidents Sends Three To Hospital

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A big rig crash in Corcoran is another example of how commercial truck accidents are much more dangerous for the passengers of other vehicles than the big rig driver. According to the NHTSA, over 70 percent of fatalities and injuries in big truck crashes are occupants of the other vehicles. The recent crash in Corcoran is directly in line with this information.

The Sacramento Bee reported on December 17 that the three passengers in the passenger vehicle were transported to the hospital with injuries. The driver and the front passenger were sent to Adventist Medical Center in Hanford with minor injuries.  The passenger in the rear of the Hyundai was sent to Kaweah Delta Medical Center in Visalia with major injuries.

The driver of a commercial vehicle crashed into the Hyundai at the intersection of Highway 43 and Whitley Avenue. The CHP said that the truck was traveling south on Highway 43 when it collided with the 2005 Hyundai Tuscon that was traveling east on Whitely Avenue.

Why Are Big Rig Accidents Worse for Other Drivers?

The main reason big rig accidents result in more injuries to the occupants of other vehicles is the enormous difference in the size and weight of the vehicles. A passenger vehicle simply cannot withstand the force of the impact in a crash with a commercial vehicle. In many cases, the passenger vehicle is crushed by the weight and size of the big rig causing traumatic injuries to the occupants of the passenger vehicle.

Common injuries in a big rig accident include:

  • Severe head traumas, including traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries, resulting in partial or complete paralysis
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Lacerations, disfigurement, and permanent scarring
  • Severe burns
  • Internal bleeding and damage to internal organs
  • Amputations, either during the accident or because of injuries sustained in the accident

In many cases, the victims in big rig accidents require long-term medical care and personal care. The cost of long-term care can be substantial. When medical care is added to the lost wages and other losses, the total damages in a big rig accident claim can total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For this reason, insurance companies for the trucking industry aggressively investigate and defend accident claims. Victims should retrain a Fresno truck accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident to protect their right to recover full compensation for their injuries.

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