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Is New Technology Good or Bad for Motorcyclists?

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Motorcyclists have a variety of items they can use to make riding more enjoyable and safe. However, some of the new technology can also increase the risk of motorcycle accidents. Below are four high-tech gadgets that may be fun to use but can cause enough of a distraction to place the rider in danger.

Go-Pro Cameras

These cameras capture everything about your ride from your perspective. Go Pro cameras have also been advertised as an effective means of proving fault in a motorcycle accident. While this makes for a very cool video of your ride, it can be too tempting to take risks to get an amazing video for YouTube. The use of the Go Pro camera may not be dangerous; however, documenting stunts and taking risks can create a dangerous situation for yourself and others.

Bluetooth Headsets and Intercom Systems

Communicating with your passenger and other riders in a group may seem essential and enjoyable. However, talking on a cell phone while riding a motorcycle is just as dangerous as using a cell phone while driving a car. If you are focused on your conversation, you are not fully focused on the road ahead. Your lack of focus could lead to a motorcycle accident.

Global Positioning Systems

Global positioning systems (GPS) are now available for motorcycles. While a GPS is a great way to ensure you don’t get lost, especially when on a long motorcycle ride in an unfamiliar area, a GPS can be very distracting. It is important to keep both hands on the handlebars at all times to maintain control and to be prepared in the event you need to take evasive action to avoid a collision. Only use GPS when you are pulled over at a safe location.

Heads-Up Display Helmet (HUD)

The Skully AR-1 Helmet has to be one of the most incredible pieces of technology for motorcyclists today. The helmet has an 180-degree camera to allow the rider to see everything going on around him through a see-through display in the visor. However, a HUD can be extremely distracting causing the rider to crash because he is more focused on the display than on the road.

Distracted Driving Accidents and Motorcycles

Distracted driving is just as big of a problem for motorcyclists as it is for other drivers. Motorcyclists much pay close attention to the road in order to avoid collisions because other drivers are not paying attention to motorcycles. If a motorcyclist allows himself to be distracted by gadgets, he risks hurting himself and others.

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