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Did You Hear About The Latest Self-Driving Car Disaster?

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Manufacturers and proponents of self-driving vehicles claim the next step in automobile evolution will reduce accidents and save lives. While this may be true, we are still years if not decades away from self-driving vehicles in every driveway. A self-driving car demonstration at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas highlights the need for much more research and fine-tuning before self-driving vehicles take over our roads.

Chinese Electric Car Malfunctions

Faraday Future, a Chinese electric car that may give Tesla a race for its money, did not perform as expected at a recent Las Vegas electronics show. According to the company, the Faraday Future can go from 0 to 60 mph faster than Tesla cars and has some very impressive features (at an expected cost of $180,000, it should drive itself). The car is said to be equipped with new technology, including facial recognition and the ability to stream content in high definition. However, does the impressive new tech keep you safe on the road?

During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the Faraday Future performed as expected when it was given the command to self-park at an outdoor venue. However, when the Faraday Future was given the same command to perform a self-parking maneuver on the indoor stage, the vehicle did not budge. Billionaire backer Jia Yeuting was left standing there to stare at the vehicle when he pressed the button to self-park. A technician resolved the problem but not before everyone was embarrassed by the vehicle failure to operate as it should have performed.

Is the Self-Driving Vehicle Safe?

The Faraday Future has some very impressive features that are designed to impress investors and consumers. However, the malfunction at the Las Vegas show does raise questions about whether the self-driving vehicle will keep passengers safe in “real world” conditions. To be fair, the Faraday Future is not the first autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicle to have problems. Several Tesla vehicle accidents have been reported, including a fatal crash in Florida. It appears to be clear that much more research, development, and testing are required before self-driving vehicles are ready to take over our roads.

What Happens If I Am Injured by A Self-Driving Vehicle?

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a self-driving vehicle, you need to follow the same procedures for any car crash. Contact the police and seek medical attention for your injuries. As soon as possible, contact our office to consult with a Fresno car accident attorney. Because you may be dealing with corporations or other parties that are not usually a part of a typical car accident, you need experienced legal counsel on your side as soon as possible to protect your right to receive compensation for your injuries.

Some car accidents involve complex legal issues. Contacting our attorneys before you discuss your claim with the insurance company or an attorney for the other party is in your best interest. The Fresno car accident attorneys of Torem & Associates only have your best interest in mind when working to settle your accident claim.

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