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Injured Accident Victim Sues Honda and Uber

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A young woman has sued Honda and Uber for an accident that left her paralyzed. A 24-year old Texas woman, Sarah Milburn, was traumatically injured when the Honda minivan she was riding in was involved in a car crash in November 2015. The tragic accident occurred when Milburn and her friends called for an Uber ride while out celebrating her birthday.

According to several news reports, Milburn has sued Uber, the Uber driver, and Honda alleging several causes of action. The lawsuit alleges that the Uber driver ran a right light causing the collision that resulted in Milburn’s injuries. Uber is named as a defendant because it was revealed that the Uber driver had a criminal record and owner of the Honda Odyssey did not have insurance. Uber claims to require background checks on its drivers. Milburn’s attorneys allege that Uber did not take adequate steps to ensure she was protected while riding in a vehicle operated under its name by one of its drivers.

Furthermore, the complaint names Honda as a defendant alleging the safety concerns that may have contributed to Milburn’s injuries. Milburn was riding in the middle of the third row. The collision caused the Honda Odyssey to overturn leaving Milburn trapped in the vehicle. She could not move her arms or legs. None of the other occupants were seriously injured in the accident. Milburn is paralyzed from her mid-chest down and remains in a rehabilitation center.

Who Is Responsible?

Milburn will likely incur millions of dollars in medical expenses, personal care, and other damages because of her injuries. Sorting out who is responsible for her damages may be difficult. Honda and Uber may both share some of the liability for her injuries. For example, a jury may find that Uber is partially at fault for failing to conduct adequate background checks of its drivers and failing to verify insurance coverage for the vehicle. In addition, the jury may find that Honda is partially at fault for Milburn’s damages if a defect in the vehicle contributed to her injuries. As the case proceeds and facts are revealed, it should become clearer who is responsible for Milburn’s damages.

Hiring an Experienced Fresno Accident Attorney

The above case is a good example of why you want to hire an experienced Fresno accident attorney if you are injured in a car crash. Some car crashes involve just two vehicles and it is easy to determine which driver caused the collision. However, not all motor vehicle accidents are so easy.

Some crashes involve multiple vehicles making it much harder to determine who is liable for your injuries. In some cases, third parties may be partially liable, as in the case above. In these cases, it is important to work with a Fresno accident attorney who has experience handling complex car accident cases. To receive compensation, you must prove the party was responsible for the crash that resulted in your injuries. When multiple parties are involved, proving fault can be complicated. An experienced Fresno accident attorney understands the steps that must be taken to prove liability in a complex accident case.

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