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Why Shouldn’t I Save My Money And Settle My Case Without A Fresno Injury Attorney?

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Many accident victims ask themselves this very question each day throughout the United States, especially when an insurance adjuster tells victims they can make more money if they don’t hire an attorney. Insurance adjusters are NOT your friend, and they are NOT working for you.

Adjusters work for the insurance company. It is better for the insurance company if you handle your claim without hiring an attorney. However, you need to understand that you are in an adversarial position with the insurance company; therefore, you shouldn’t be taking its advice about what you should or should not do after being injured in an accident.

What is The Adversarial Position of The Insurance Company?

Insurance companies are in business to make money — pure and simple. They want to collect monthly premiums from customers and use those funds to make more money for the company. Paying settlement claims goes against the goal of making money. When an insurance company pays a settlement claim, that is money that it could use to make more money for its investors. Therefore, an insurance company does everything in its power to avoid paying settlement claims. The work to avoid paying your claim begins with the insurance adjuster.

The adjuster contacts you to discuss your claim. From the moment you begin the conversation with the adjuster, he is searching for information the company can use to deny or delay your settlement claim. Without an attorney to advise you of your rights and protect you from the tactics used by insurance companies to impede your ability to win your case, you may not receive all the compensation you are entitled to receive under California’s personal injury laws.

Attorneys Level the Playing Field

The insurance company for the other driver has a team of professionals, including adjusters, attorneys, experts, and, investigators, on its side protecting its best interest. Compared to you, the company has an almost unlimited amount of resources on its side to fight your claim. The company prefers your relationship with it to be one-sided. In other words, the insurance company wants to have a huge team protecting its best interest while you stand alone.

Hiring a Fresno injury attorney levels the playing field by putting an experienced team of legal professionals on your side to fight for your best interest. Your attorney understands the laws pertaining to your injury claim. He also understands the various tactics used by insurance companies to avoid paying a settlement claim.

After performing a thorough accident investigation, your attorney devices a legal strategy to get you the most compensation available under the insurance policy. You want an attorney on your side as you battle the insurance company for the compensation you deserve.

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