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Two Killed in 605 Freeway Crash near Cerritos

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According to a report by KTLA, a crash on the 605 Freeway this past weekend claimed two lives and left three people injured. The accident, which occurred around 1 a.m. Saturday morning, at the 91 Freeway exchange closed both sides of the 605 Freeway for more than eight hours. California Highway Patrol was still investigating, but officers said that alcohol and speed might have been contributing factors in the accident.

Six vehicles were involved in the early morning crash. A CHP release stated that one man died at the accident scene and a 24-year old Huntington Beach resident died after being transported to a local hospital. Three other people sustained injuries in the collisions.

Sadly, the two deaths resulted after the initial crash when the individuals were struck while exiting their vehicles. CHP Sgt. Raquel Stage advised, “If you’re ever in a collision, it’s not safe to walk out of your vehicle. Try to remain in your vehicle if possible, drive to the right shoulder if possible — staying in lanes, especially at night, is very dangerous.”

Tragic Deaths Remind Us of Interstate Accident Safety

Being in an accident is a traumatic event that leaves many people in a state of shock. When you are in shock, it is difficult to think clearly, and you can make mistakes that put you and others in danger. It is safer to remain in your vehicle, with your seatbelt on, if you cannot move your vehicle to the shoulder. Getting out of your vehicle places you in additional danger of being injured by another vehicle.

If you are in an interstate accident, move your vehicle to the side of the road, if the vehicle is safe to drive and you can do so without placing yourself at greater risk. Turn your engine off and turn your hazard lights on to warn other drivers of the crash. On the interstate, remaining in your vehicle may be the safest place unless you suspect your vehicle may catch fire or explode.

If you suspect your vehicle may catch fire, you should exit the vehicle but do so with extreme caution. Get to the side of the road as quickly as possible and remain as far off the road as you can to avoid being struck by another vehicle. Remember, you have no protection when you exit your vehicle. Therefore, the decision to leave your vehicle after an interstate accident must be weighed very carefully taking into consideration all factors present at the time of the crash.

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Source: “2 Dead, 3 Injured Following Fatal 6-Car Crash on 605 Freeway in Cerritos,” Erika Martin and Erin Myers, KTLA5, March 11, 2017


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