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California Work Zone Accidents

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As a Fresno and Los Angeles area crash attorneys, we see many reasons for car crashes.  One reason for car accidents that many people never consider is a work zone. Because the state, county, and city must maintain our roads, there seems to be some type of road construction or maintenance occurring all year throughout Los Angeles County and Fresno County.

Work zones create hazards and dangers for workers, drivers, and others using the road. To protect workers and allow for equipment, traffic must be rerouted, lanes are narrowed, or sections of road may be blocked off. Unfortunately, these are the very things that can create a hazard if the work zone is not properly maintained in a reasonable and safe manner that reduces the risk of a work zone accident.

Holding Negligent Parties Responsible for Work Zone Accidents

Some collisions that occur in work zones are the fault of the driver or another driver. Speeding in a work zone is illegal and carries a stiff penalty because speeding endangers the lives of workers and other drivers. Drivers must avoid unsafe driving habits when they enter and drive through a work zone. Tailgating, failing to yield the right of way, speeding, driving while distracted, and failing to obey instructions given by workers or construction zone signs are common reasons for work zone accidents.

However, the entity that is responsible for the work zone also has a duty of care to ensure that all rules and regulations governing the operating of a work zone are followed. Crew members must ensure that all equipment is used in the proper and safe manner in addition to keeping the work zone clean and free from hazards. Safety measures must be taken to ensure drivers are aware of the work zone and understand how to drive through the work zone safely.  Flashing signs, cones, flashers, message boards, and other devices should be used to warn and direct traffic. In most cases, a government entity or a private company is responsible for maintaining the work zone.

If you are injured while in a work zone, it is crucial that you identify the party or parties responsible for the accident, it could be another driver, a worker, or the entity or company responsible for the work zone. However, you must file your claim against the correct party if you want to recover compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses. You can only recover compensation from the party who caused the collision.

It is important to contact and experienced Fresno car accident attorney for help. Most claims are based on the theory of negligence. To prove negligence, you must address the elements of duty, breach, causation, and damages. When dealing with a work zone accident, you could have multiple liable parties. You may also have a challenging time proving what caused the crash. An experienced Fresno car accident attorney can perform an independent crash investigation to determine how the crash occurred and identify the responsible parties.

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