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Fresno County Big Rig Accident Claims One Life

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Last week the California Highway Patrol responded to a big rig accident at the intersection of West and Manning near Caruthers according to ABC30 News. The report states that the driver of a Hyundai failed to stop at a stop sign causing the collision. The driver of the Hyundai died at the accident scene. No other injuries were reported.

Big Rigs Cannot Stop on A Dime

In many cases, we are discussing what the truck driver did wrong to cause the big rig accident. However, in this case, it appears that the other driver was at fault in this collision. It is a tragic event, and there are probably many more facts that we are unaware of about this accident. The driver could have experienced a medical emergency or a mechanical failure that caused the driver to fail to stop before entering the intersection. A thorough investigation may reveal what caused the accident, but we may also never know exactly what happened during those few seconds.

Sadly, knowing what caused a crash does not relieve the pain and suffering for the victim and the family. However, determining fault is a crucial element of a personal injury claim.

Proving Fault in A Fresno Car Accident Claim

Under California’s personal injury laws, you must prove the other driver did something to cause the collision, AND you suffered damages before you can recover compensation. In some cases, it is easy to determine fault. For example, if another driver turns left in front of you when you have the right of way, that driver is at fault for the collision. Likewise, if a driver rear-ends you because he was texting while driving, that driver is responsible for your damages.

Unfortunately, fault is not always easy to determine. Furthermore, insurance companies like to place blame for the accident on the victim to avoid paying compensation for injuries, losses, and damages. An experienced Fresno accident attorney can conduct an independent accident investigation to secure evidence to prove the other driver was at fault for the accident. The sooner you hire an attorney, the better the attorney can protect your right to recover compensation from the driver who caused the crash.

Compensation for a Fresno Car Accident

The types and amounts of compensation available in a car accident claim depend on several factors including the severity of the injuries and the length of recovery. Common damages we see in car accident claims include:

  • Funeral, cremation, and burial expenses, in a wrongful death case
  • Property damage, either replacing or repairing your vehicle
  • Lost wages, including a loss of income and future lost income
  • Medical expenses, including long-term personal care and future medical costs
  • Mental anguish and emotional suffering
  • Physical pain and loss of enjoyment of life

Our Fresno car accident attorney works to maximize the value of your car accident claim for you and your family. The insurance adjuster for the other driver may offer a settlement offer early in your case. It is in your best interest to consult with an attorney before you accept any offer to ensure you are receiving a fair and just settlement for your car accident claim.

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“1 killed after car and big rig collide in Fresno County,” ABC30 News, March 29, 2017


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