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Are You Renting a Truck for Your Next Move?

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Thousands of people rent moving trucks each year instead of hiring a moving company. It is much cheaper to enlist the help of a few friends and rent a large moving truck. However, many people have never driven a vehicle this large and are not aware of the dangers until it is too late.

Rental Truck Accidents

Accidents involving rental trucks are more common than you may believe. While exact figures may be difficult to obtain, we do know some of the causes of rental truck accidents. Common reasons for rental truck accidents include:

  • Load distribution issues causing the truck to become unstable due to weight issues
  • Decreased maneuverability
  • Limited rear and side visibility
  • Inexperienced drivers

While poor maintenance issues can lead to some accidents, many rental truck accidents are due to driver error. Many people do not anticipate the difference in driving a larger vehicle. Therefore, they do not take the precautions necessary to prevent an accident. The rental truck company does not require any certification or training. If you are involved in an accident, you are responsible for the damages.

Before driving a rental truck, you need to consult with your insurance agent to ensure your automobile insurance coverage will extend to the rental truck. In some cases, you may need to purchase supplemental insurance coverage to protect you in the event of an accident. Many rental truck companies offer liability insurance coverage. However, this coverage can be expensive, and it may not cover you fully in the case of an accident. It is best to check with your insurance agent to determine what you need to protect yourself before you rent a moving truck.

Accidents Involving Rental Trucks

If you are injured in a traffic accident involving a rental truck, you need to take steps to protect your right to recover compensation. This may include placing the rental truck company on notice that you may be filing an injury claim. It is crucial that you identify the reasons for the crash. If driver error caused the collision, the driver and his insurance company are likely responsible for your damages.

However, if the collision was caused by poor maintenance, defective parts, or faulty repairs, your claim is against another party. You must name the correct party in your claim or lawsuit to receive compensation for your injuries. Only the responsible party can be held liable for damages.  Because determining the cause of the truck accident when the parties may be arguing over fault can be difficult, you should contact our truck accident attorneys immediately to conduct an independent investigation.

Our attorneys have experience investigating accidents to identify the responsible party and gather evidence to prove fault. Don’t allow your claim to be denied because you did not follow through with conducting an accident investigation. Contact our office today to begin gathering the evidence you need to recover full compensation for your injuries.

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