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Heavy Rains Cause Dangerous Road Conditions in Fresno County

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ABC30 News reported on the flooding problems along Kings River last week. Summer weather conditions caused heavy rain and flooding that have impacted RV parks in Fresno County. Water levels are as high as some homes in the River Bend RV Park near Minkler. The River Bend RV Park is geographically located on the other side of a flooded bridge. The Fresno County Sheriff Department facilitated a mandatory evacuation. Residents found shelter in a high school gym with the assistance of the Red Cross in Reedley.

Other areas including the Cricket Hollow Park shut down from the highest water levels that residents have seen in the last ten years. A river flowing at the back of the Cricket Hollow Park provides about 20 yards of separation from the Reedley Animal Shelter. Police are strategizing an emergency plan in the event the facility floods.

Furthermore, Kings River Road area plans to evacuate. A popular entertainment spot, The Wakehouse, is located at the end of Kings River Road. The area where concerts take place is completely underwater; indicators show that the river is 10 feet deep off the shore. Everclear, the rock band is scheduled to perform on July 15th at The Wakehouse. Owners are adamant that the show will go forward as planned even with the water delay.

Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions

Weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, strong winds or flooding, make driving difficult and increase the risk of a motor vehicle accident. Understanding how to drive safely in these adverse weather conditions can help respond in positive ways while driving to avoid causing a traffic accident. Drivers often lack the understanding of how powerful water on the road can be for a vehicle. Heavy rains and floods dictate the course of a driver’s car. A motorist’s survival is contingent on knowing how to drive and what to do in the event of heavy rains and flooding.

It only takes a few inches of water to cause hazardous driving conditions. Water levels cannot be determined on a flooded road; therefore, drivers should always proceed with extreme caution and assume the driving conditions are hazardous.

  • Motorists should never proceed forward in flooded water not knowing the depth of the water.
  • Headlights should be on at all times.
  • Motorists have better visibility if they replace windshield wipers as needed.
  • It is important that drivers always remember not to speed in rainy weather. Slow and safe is the best practice in heavy rains or floods.
  • Ample space between you and the other driver in front of you is crucial for safety. Double the amount of space that you have between you and another car for a safer stop.

Remember that even familiar roads become very dangerous in heavy rains and flooded areas. Stay safe by being prepared for heavy rains and flooded waters and accessing the dangers of driving in wet weather.

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