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How Can a Witness Help in My Accident Claim?

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The role of a witness in an accident claim can be very important, especially in cases where fault is being challenged. If possible, ask for the names and contact information of any witnesses at the accident scene. You should never rely on law enforcement officers to do this for you. It is always in your best interest to obtain this information if at all possible before you are transported to the emergency room or before you leave the accident scene.

Remember, some witnesses may only remain at the scene for a few minutes. Once they see that no one is seriously injured and other people are there to help, witnesses may leave. Try to speak to them or having someone ask for their contact information before they can leave.

Our Fresno injury attorneys will search for witnesses to your accident, but it helps if you have the information. Call (888) 500-5000 to schedule a free consultation and no-obligation case evaluation with an experienced attorney.

The Power of Eyewitness Testimony

It can be difficult to determine who is at fault in some accidents. We can use experts to recreate how the accident occurred; however, the technical jargon can sometimes bore a jury. Furthermore, some people do not believe you can reconstruct the circumstances of an accident. For those individuals, hearing how the accident occurred from an eyewitness is far more convincing. When that witness is an independent witness, the testimony can take on even more weight.

For example, two drivers who are suing each other will have conflicting stories about how the collision occurred. The jury must determine which driver they believe the most when they are deciding the case. However, an independent eyewitness does not have a financial stake in the outcome of the case. In the eyes of some jurors, the testimony of an independent eyewitness is more reliable and trustworthy compared to the parties who have a financial stake in the outcome.

When you are fighting for your right to recover full compensation for your injuries, having an eyewitness can help convince a jury the other person was at fault for causing your injuries.

Don’t Delay!

Eyewitnesses can move or otherwise become unavailable. Furthermore, memories can fade with time. It is important to obtain the information from each witness as soon as after the accident as possible. As your attorney, we will work to secure a witness’s testimony by interviewing the witness and obtaining a written or verbal statement regarding how the incident occurred.

In some cases, we may schedule a deposition so that we can obtain the testimony under oath with the other party present to ask their questions. In some cases, this act is enough to convince the other party to settle the claim without the need for further litigation.

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