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Two-Car Crash Injures 12 People

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A two-car crash west of Tulare injured a total of 12 people last week. According to ABC30 News, the traffic accident occurred at Avenue 240 and Road 68 just before 11:00 p.m. CHP officers said that a black BMW was struck by a Suburban when it ran a stop sign. The four people riding in the BMW suffered minor injuries. However, the eight people in the Suburban had to be transported to the hospital. At the time of the story, there was no news on the victims’ conditions.

Two of the people in the Suburban were children riding in car seats. Sadly, the children were not buckled into the car seats correctly. Both children were thrown from the vehicle as it flipped over. A CHP officer commented that it is unfortunate when people don’t take the time to buckle children into their car seats correctly. It appears that the driver of the Suburban may be charged with felony DUI.

Dangers of Drinking and Driving

The crash could have been much more tragic. Drinking and driving never mix. A person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner is severely impaired when they consume alcohol. The legal limit in California for BAC is .08. It is unknown if the driver ran the stop sign because he or she was intoxicated or distracted. In either case, the driver is responsible for the damages sustained by the people in the BMW and Suburban if he was at fault for the collision.

The occupants in the BMW and the passengers in the Suburban can file claims against the driver’s automobile insurance. Provided there is sufficient evidence to establish fault, the injured victims can recover compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent injuries

The amount of compensation depends on several factors. Because the driver may have limited insurance available, the victims may be placed in a position of dividing what little insurance proceeds are available.

This traffic accident is an example of why you want to contact and attorney after an accident involving multiple victims. Insurance coverage may be limited to the minimum required amount of $30,000 per accident. Once the insurance company has paid the maximum coverage, it is not responsible for payment of additional damages. An attorney can also investigate whether there is underinsured coverage to help pay additional compensation to the victims.

Please Buckle Your Children Correctly!

California has specific laws regarding child safety seats. The California Highway Patrol provides information about the law on its website. It also provides links to various resources to ensure your child is protected when riding in a vehicle

One source is the child car seat inspection station locator. You can search to find an inspection station near your location. We urge you to have your safety seats checked to ensure they are secure.

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