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What Should I Know About Recovering from a Head Injury?

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Head injuries can range from mild to concussions to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Dealing with a head injury can be a very stressful, frightening, and frustrating experience. As you are trying to learn about the severity of your injury, your recovery, and the potential for permanent damage, you are being pressured by an insurance adjuster for information, statements, and releases.

The entire process can be overwhelming and can cause you additional harm because of the stress. Instead of facing it alone, let our Fresno brain injury attorneys take care of the insurance adjusters and other parties pressuring you for information so that you can focus on your health. Call our office at (888) 500-5000for a free consultation with a Fresno personal injury lawyer.

Important Things to Remember as You Recover

When trying to fully recover from a head injury, you don’t need to worry about anything other than your health. Our attorneys will take care of the legal battle so you can follow your doctor’s instructions. Each case is different; however, there are usually some key things you need to consider after experiencing a head injury, regardless of the severity of the injury.

Take It Slow

Even with a mild concussion, you must give yourself time to rest to recover. You may experience periods of disorientation or forgetfulness in the days after your head injury. Try not to get upset or frustrated with the speed of your recovery. Continue to work with your therapists and doctors. They can help you as you work to regain skills and learn ways to cope with any limitations you may have because of the accident.

Get Plenty of Rest

Rest is an extremely impart part of the recovery for a head injury. For your brain to recover, you must limit your activities and get plenty of rest. Your doctor may require you to remain out of work, refrain from operating a motor vehicle, or place limitations on other activities. You must listen to your physician and follow his instructions if you want to recover from your head injury. Pushing yourself beyond the limits set by your doctors can hurt your health and jeopardize your ability to recover full compensation for your injuries. The other side will argue that your injuries are severe because you voluntarily choose to ignore treatment and advice. Therefore, you don’t deserve to be compensated for the portion of the injury you caused by your carelessness.

Be Very Careful with Medications

Your medical providers may order a variety of medicines throughout your recovery. Each provider should be aware of all medications, even over-the-counter drugs, that you are taking, so providers do not overlap medications or prescribe medications with dangerous interactions. Furthermore, some medications can be addictive; therefore, all providers should know what you are taking to avoid a potential problem. Using the same pharmacy to fill all prescriptions can also work as a safeguard. Talk to your pharmacist about any possible problems that you should discuss with your doctors. Also, don’t stop taking your medication without consulting with your physician AND report any side effects (no matter how small) to your doctor IMMEDIATELY.

Call a Fresno Brain Injury Attorney for Help

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