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A Serious Threat to Pedestrians

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Pedestrian deaths increased by 9.5 percent from 2014 to 2015. During 2015, 5,376 pedestrians lost their lives in traffic-related accidents. More pedestrians died during 2015 than any year since 1996. Roughly 70,000 people were injured in pedestrian accidents during 2015. California led the nation in pedestrian deaths during 2015.

Pedestrian injured in traffic-related accidents might be entitled to recover compensation for damages from the driver who caused the accident. If you have been injured, you may be owed money for your lost wages, medical bills, and other damages. Call (888) 500-5000 now to speak to a Fresno pedestrian accident attorney for free.

Pedestrians and Cars Making Left Turns

Pedestrians can be injured at anytime and anywhere they are exposed to traffic conditions. You must be very careful when you are walking to avoid an injury from a car. Using crosswalks is one way to avoid a collision; however, even crosswalks can pose threats, especially when drivers are making left turns.

According to an article in Men’s Health, you have a higher risk of being hit by a car when you are in a crosswalk, and the car is making a left turn. In a study conducted by Oregon State University, 10 percent of drivers in the study did not look to ensure that a pedestrian was not in the crosswalk when executing a left turn.

One of the main problems occurred when drivers turned left without a green turn arrow. The drivers paid more attention to oncoming traffic and did not look before the turn to make sure no one was in the intersection.

Therefore, when you are walking in a crosswalk, even if you have the signal or green light to proceed, watch for vehicles making left turns because they may not be watching for you.

Pedestrian Safety

With the increase in the number of pedestrian deaths and injuries, everyone must take extra precautions when walking near traffic, especially children who do not understand the dangers posed by vehicles. In addition to being cautious walking beside a road or crossing a road, you should also be very cautious when walking in a parking lot. Many accidents occur in parking lots because of distracted driving and speeding.

If you are injured in a collision with a vehicle, you need to call 911 to request a police officer to file a report. You also need to seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. Even if you do not believe you suffered a severe injury, you should be seen by a doctor. Delaying treatment can hurt your claim and put your health at risk.

As soon after the accident as possible, you should contact a Fresno pedestrian accident attorney for a free consultation. You want to ensure you are taking the proper steps to maximize your chance of recovering full compensation for your claim. An experienced attorney can analyze your case and provide you with sound legal advice about how to proceed with filing an injury claim.

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