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Speeding Accidents in California

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California attracts visitors from around the world each year. They visit our state to enjoy the many attractions our state has to offer and our beautiful natural resources. However, we have many residents who have decided to call California their home for some of the same reasons. Therefore, our roads can be very congested. Speeding on roads that are highly congested can increase your risk for a traffic-related accident.

California’s Speeding Accident Statistics

California was among one of the top four states with speed-related fatality deaths during 2015. During 2015, 35,092 people died on United States roads. Of those deaths, 27 percent or 9,557 were in speeding accidents, with 955 of those deaths occurring on California roads. As drivers, it is very tempting to speed because the coffee pot spilled over, we didn’t iron our clothes for work the night before, or we didn’t finish that one last conversation online and now we are running late. However, the potential consequences can be deadly. Regardless of the reason why you may want to exceed the speed limit, it is not worth the risk. You are placing yourself and everyone using the road at a higher risk of being injured in a speeding accident.

Driving Tips to Avoid Speeding Accidents

Below are some driving tips to help you avoid a speed-related accident.

  • When driving in traffic, it is normal to want to keep up with traffic. However, if traffic is speeding, consider moving over to the far right so you can slow down.
  • A driver’s increase in speed can cause an unexpected change and abrupt movement of another driver. You should always use your turn signals and avoid last minute lane changes.
  • Avoid tailgating to try to make another driver speed up.
  • Become familiar with the area (i.e. signs, lights, etc.) where you are travel, especially the speed zones and where the speed zones change.
  • Posted speed limits are the maximum speed limit for the area; however, you should always use good judgment when the conditions require you to travel slower than the posted limit.
  • Whenever kids are present in any environment, the first thing you should do is slow down and make sure that you are traveling less than 20 miles per hour to give yourself time to stop if a child darts out into the road.
  • Your thoughts and mind should be on the road at all times.
  • Allow yourself time to get to where you are going. Leave early to allow for traffic and other delays that could increase your desire to drive over the speed limit.

As drivers, we have to be aware of our driving habits, our inconsistencies, and the impact of speeding on others so we can change poor driving habits that increase our risk for a traffic-related accident. Speeding accidents cause emotional scars, in addition to physical injuries, that last a life time. Take a second to slow down.

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