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How to Know if You Were Injured in a Traffic Accident?

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This sounds like an odd question because you would assume that anyone involved in a traffic accident would know if that person sustained an injury. However, this is not always the case. After an accident, you may believe that you are “okay” because you do not feel any immediate pain or have any visible signs of harm. However, this does not always mean that you escaped the crash without any injuries.

Traffic accidents, including pedestrian, bicycle, and motorcycle crashes, can be violent and cause injuries that are not immediately known to the victim. Some injuries may have delayed symptoms. Therefore, you should always see a doctor after any accident, regardless of whether you feel fine or you believe the accident was “minor.” Even low-impact accidents can cause debilitating injuries.

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Delayed Onset of Symptoms

In some cases, you could be injured and not realize the severity of your injury. Delayed onset symptoms may not be associated with the traffic accident. For example, neck, shoulder, and head pain a few days after an accident could be associated with stress or other medical conditions even though it is caused by the collision. Soreness and pain days after a wreck is common. Furthermore, if you hit your head during the crash, you could suffer from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A TBI can change your cognitive functions, emotional state, or physical condition. In severe cases, the changes can last for months or years after the injury and can be debilitating in some cases.

Pain in your abdomen is another common symptom after a car accident that some people ignore. While the pain may simply be soreness from the impact of the collision, it can also be an indication of internal bleeding or damage to internal organs. Just like changes in cognitive function or other bodily functions should not be ignored, pain in the abdomen should be taken very seriously. You need to seek immediate medical attention.

Sometimes a headache, abdomen pain, or neck pain is not serious; however, you cannot be sure until you are checked by a doctor. Any pain, regardless of the severity, should NOT be ignored after a traffic accident. Pain of any type could be an indication of a more severe injury; even a headache can be a sign of severe head injury or back pain could indicate a herniated disc or muscle damage.

We cannot stress enough how important medical attention is following any accident. You need to protect your health by seeking immediate medical attention. However, you also need to see a doctor to protect your right to recover compensation for your claim. If you delay medical treatment, the insurance company for the other driver may argue that your injury was not sustained in the accident or your injury is not as severe as you claim or you would have sought medical attention sooner. By seeing a doctor, you are protecting your health and your right to recover money for an injury claim.

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