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Clinton Overpass in Central Fresno to Reopen Soon

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Drivers who have been forced to find alternative routes will be happy to hear that the Clinton overpass that has been closed to traffic for months will be reopening soon according to an ABC30 News report. The overpass has been closed as crews worked on the Highway 99 realignment project. The realignment project is one of the elements necessary to make room for the High Speed Rail.

Caltrans states that the Clinton overpass should be ready to reopen at the end of October. To get the project back on schedule after several delays, Caltrans said that crews would be working overtime. In addition, several crews will be working on roads, electrical, and bridges at the same time.

Road Construction Accidents

Road construction and maintenance are necessary to improve our infrastructure and maintain the safety of our roads. However, construction zones can sometimes be dangerous for motorists. Debris and equipment left on roads can cause traffic accidents. In addition, confusing or missing warning signs can cause motorists to make a mistake that leads to a crash.

When a car accident is caused by road debris or road construction, one or more parties could be liable for damages caused by the accident. State and local governments have a duty to provide safe roads. When they fail in that duty and the result is an accident, the government agency may be held liable for damages. If it hired a contractor that was negligent, the contractor might also be held liable.

However, filing claims against a government entity can be very difficult. Complex laws and rules apply to claims against the government. For example, government entities are protected from being sued for some claims. In addition, for claims that are valid, you must file a notice of claim, sometimes within as little as 30 to 180 days, to protect your right to file a lawsuit. Seeking legal counsel as soon as possible can help you protect your right to recover compensation for damages.

Safety Tips for Driving in Construction Zones

To decrease your risk of being involved in a construction zone accident, follow these simple safety tips:

  • Slow Down! The speed limit in construction zones is lower. Driving slower gives you additional time to react to a situation and possibly avoid a collision.
  • Follow All Directions. Whether there are special signs or workmen giving directions, follow all directions to avoid a collision.
  • Get Over As Soon As Possible. If you see a sign that a lane is closed ahead for work, go ahead and merge into the other lane, if you are traveling on a road with multiple lanes in the same direction. Waiting to merge until the last minute can cause traffic jams and lead to crashes.
  • Avoid distractions. You need to be fully engaged and alert when driving through construction zones. Protect the lives of workers and others on the road by avoiding all distractions that can take your focus away from driving.

Call a Fresno Construction Zone Accident Attorney

If you are injured in a construction zone car accident, our Fresno injury lawyers can help. We understand the complexities associated with these cases. You can trust our office to fight for your right to recover full compensation from the party or parties liable for your injuries.

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Source: “Good news for Fresno drivers as road closures due to High Speed Rail construction cause delays.” Brianna Ruffalo. ABC30. August 25, 2017


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