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Mistakes You Can Make That Hurt Your Car Accident Claim

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It is easy to make a mistake when you are handling a car accident claim, especially if you have never been in an accident or dealt with an insurance adjuster. Below are five mistakes that can seriously harm your claim if you are not very careful.

Mistake Number One: Not Calling the Police

The other driver may try to convince you that you can handle the “matter” between the two of you. Unless you know you are not injured and the damage is minor, this is a mistake. Because you could have suffered whiplash or another injury that may not show signs until a few hours or days later, not calling the police can be a huge mistake. It is better to have an official record of the crash to prove the accident occurred. While you can pursue an accident claim without a police report, it can help to have the report if the other driver tries to claim he or she was not involved or did not cause the crash.

Mistake Number Two: Delaying Medical Treatment

Waiting to see a doctor can hurt your accident claim and it can jeopardize your health. If you delay medical treatment, the insurance company for the other driver may use this information to claim your injuries are not as severe as you claim or were not sustained in the accident. To protect your claim and your health, seek medical attention as quickly as possible after any car accident.

Mistake Number Three: Providing a Written or Recorded Statement

The insurance adjuster may ask you to provide a statement so he can process the claim. He may give you another reason, but there is no good reason for you to provide a statement without first consulting with a Fresno car accident attorney. Once you provide a written or recorded statement, anything in that statement can be used against you to harm your claim. An innocent admission such as you were running late can be twisted and misconstrued (i.e. you were speeding because you were running late). Always consult with an attorney before you provide any statement to the insurance adjuster for the other driver.

Mistake Number Four: Accepting an Early Settlement

You cannot know the full value of your claim until you have completed medical treatment and you have received a prognosis. Insurance adjusters know that waiting too long to settle a case means the company may need to pay additional money because of a permanent injury, future medical care, or future lost wages. Accepting a settlement too early may result in you receive much less money than you deserve. A Fresno personal injury lawyer can help you determine if a settlement is timely and fair.

Mistake Number Five: Failing to Consult with an Attorney

We understand that you may be concerned about how you will pay an attorney to handle your case. Our lawyers offer free legal consultations for accident victims. You can discuss your case with an experienced attorney and learn about your legal options without worrying about a consultation fee. Furthermore, we accept most injury cases on a contingency fee basis, so you do not need to worry about paying attorney fees until we recover money for your claim.

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