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When Do I Need a Lawyer for My Accident Claim?

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After being involved in a traffic accident, seeing a doctor is your first priority. You need to seek medical attention to protect your health and well-being. However, you should also make it a priority to seek legal counsel. A Fresno car accident attorney can help you in many ways. Your attorney can protect your legal rights and deal with your claim while you focus on your recovery.

Reasons to Hire a Fresno Accident Lawyer After a Car Accident

  • The other party is disputing fault. Proving fault is a crucial element of a personal injury claim. If you cannot prove that the other party caused the collision, you cannot recover money for your claim under California’s at-fault auto insurance system. In addition, if the other driver can prove you were partially at-fault for the crash, your compensation can be reduced. Therefore, hiring an experienced accident attorney who understands the laws regarding fault and the rules of evidence can be very beneficial.
  • Your injuries are severe or you suffered a permanent impairment or disability. It is important to understand your legal rights regarding permanent disabilities and your right to compensation. You could be facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in ongoing medical care and future lost wages. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can help you seek full compensation for the non-economic and economic damages you suffer because of a permanent
  • The insurance agent is pressuring you for statements and signed releases or offering a low settlement. If an insurance adjuster is pressuring you to provide a statement or sign a release, you should consult an attorney immediately. Anything you say in a statement could be used against you later in your case. Furthermore, signing a release now could prevent you from obtaining full compensation for all damages. Another common tactic for insurance adjusters is to offer quick, low settlements before you have time to speak with an attorney or determine the full value of your claim.

What Can a California Personal Injury Attorney Do for You?

An experienced California personal injury lawyer can provide several valuable services for accident victims. An attorney does much more than simply provide advice. Your attorney:

  • Investigates the accident. You need evidence to prove fault. Your attorney is responsible for a thorough accident investigation to identify all liable parties, gather and preserve evidence, and organize that evidence into a strong legal argument to prove cause, fault, and liability.
  • Dealing with and negotiating with insurance companies. Your attorney is responsible for dealing with the insurance companies, adjusters, and attorneys for the other parties. You will not need to worry about dealing with these parties. Your attorney works to negotiate a fair settlement while working to protect your best interest. He also protects you from aggressive tactics to deny or devalue your accident claim.
  • Filing an accident lawsuit. If the insurance company refuses to act in a fair manner, your attorney can prepare and file a lawsuit. It is important to have an attorney who is a skilled negotiator and an experienced trial attorney. Our lawyers have extensive experience in all stages and aspects of an accident claim.

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