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What Can I Expect During My Car Accident Claim?

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There are many things to be worried about after a car accident. Who will pay my medical bills? How will I get my car repaired? Will I need to hire an attorney? How will I pay the legal fees? When can I get my money for the accident? Will I need to file a lawsuit?

The good news is that most car accident claims are settled without the need to file a lawsuit. The length of time it will take to settle your accident depends on several factors. Some things you can expect to occur during your car accident claim include:

The insurance company will investigate the claim.

The insurance company for the driver who caused the crash should pay your damages. However, the company will investigate the accident, even if the cause of the accident seems apparent. Insurance companies want to limit the amount of money they must pay to settle claims. Therefore, you can expect the insurance company to look for ways to lower the amount of your claim.

Claims that involve multiple parties are more complex.

In a case involving two parties, it is often easier to determine how the accident occurred and which driver was responsible for causing the crash. However, in multi-vehicle crashes, you might need an expert to reconstruct the collision to determine fault. It is very important to determine fault because you can only recover money from parties who contributed to the cause of the accident. Working with experienced Fresno car accident attorneys is strongly recommended.

Your property damage claim can be settled

There are two claims related to your car accident — a bodily injury claim and a property damage claim. You do not need to settle these two claims together. The company will settle your property damage claim quickly if it believes its insured caused the wreck. The adjuster inspects the damage to your vehicle to determine if it can be repaired or if the damage exceeds the value of the vehicle. You don’t have to accept the adjuster’s findings. Our attorneys can help with both the property damage claim and the bodily injury claim.

You won’t receive money until the claim is settled.

The severity of your injuries is one of the deciding factors for when your claim will be settled. You don’t want to settle a claim until you have recovered fully from your injuries. In some cases, you might have a permanent disability. You must have this information to calculate the amount of future damages. Settling a claim too early can result in much less money for you.

Our Fresno car accident attorneys work closely with your medical providers to determine when you have reached maximum medical improvement. We also work with your doctor to determine the level of disability so we can maximize the amount of money you might receive for your claim.

You can settle a claim even after you file a lawsuit.

In some cases, we will advise a client to file a lawsuit because the insurance company for the other driver is not negotiating a fair settlement for the claim. We will continue efforts to settle the claim without the cost of a trial. However, we will not hesitate to proceed to trial if that is in the best interest of the client.

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