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Do You Need to Get Rid of Some Halloween Candy?

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You cannot have Halloween without a few scares and a lot of candy.  The problem many parents face is how to deal with so much candy in the house. While you want your children to enjoy the holiday, an overload of sugar is not good. A little bit of candy is one thing, but a few pounds of candy is another matter. How do you get rid of Halloween candy without simply throwing it out?

Ways to Get Rid of Extra Halloween Candy?

A few ways you might want to consider to get rid of that extra candy include:

  • Christmas Stockings — You can use any candy that does not “look” like Halloween candy to stuff those stockings at Christmas. You can also use some of it as gifts — just put the candy in a decorated container and put a bow on it.
  • Candy Buyback — Check with your dentist to see if the office is participating in a candy buyback campaign. The dentist’s office gives money or other non-sugary treats in exchange for the candy.
  • Birthdays — If you have a birthday party coming up soon, use the extra candy to fill a piñata and goodie bags. Kids really won’t mind if the candy looks like Halloween when it comes in a piñata or goodie bag. All they care about is that it is candy.
  • Careboxes for Troops — Several organizations provide care boxes for our troops deployed overseas. You can use the extra candy in the care box, but you might want to avoid chocolate or other candy that could melt.
  • Co-worker Treats — Take extra candy to the office with you for co-workers and customers. It is a terrific way to get rid of the extra candy while making your co-workers and customers happy.
  • The Candy Fairy — Similar to the tooth fairy, the candy fairy collects candy instead of teeth. You can exchange the extra candy for money, small goodies, or rewards. To promote healthy habits, consider giving rewards that include activities that promote exercise instead of screen time.
  • Sugar Goblins — Sugar Goblins are another wonderful way to get rid of your extra candy. You can find suggestions for tricks and treats for our Sugar Goblin online.
  • Science Experiments — If your kids love experimenting, you can use the extra candy to teach science in a unique, captivating way with Candy Experiments.
  • Gingerbread Houses — Halloween candy can be used as a “free” option for decorating gingerbread houses. Don’t forget to use some of the candy to decorate Christmas cookies and other treats.

If you have ideas of ways to get rid of extra candy from trick-or-treating, please share with our readers in the comments section below.

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