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How to Keep Kids Entertained at Thanksgiving?

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Are you hosting your family for Thanksgiving Day? If so, do you have enough plans to keep the children busy while adults socialize and deal with the food prep and cleanup? A little bit of planning can make your holiday celebration fun and entertaining for children so that the adults can socialize and relax while the little ones enjoy a variety of activities that do not add to your long to-do list.

Make a Giving Thanks Book

In keeping with the Thanksgiving theme, purchase blank books for each child. Write “My Thankful Book,” the child’s name, and the date on the front of each book. You can also provide items to decorate the covers of the books if you want to add a little more time to the project. Each child should make a list of the things that he or she is thankful for at the beginning of the book. Throughout the day, children take the book to the other guests for the guests to add their thoughts of what they are thankful for this year. The books become a cherished keepsake while encouraging adults and children to focus on the positive things in their lives.

Game Time!

Ask each family to bring their favorite board game (and outside games if weather permits) with them to your home. Children can spend the time playing the games throughout the day instead of sitting in front of the television, running through the house, or playing video games.

Colorful Table Coverings

Cover the children’s table with craft paper and secure it with tape under the table. Provide markers, crayons, stickers, and other items for the children to decorate the table. Paper placemats are also a great idea so that children can decorate their own placemats and placemats for adults. If you want to carry through with a “thankful” theme, you could ask the children to write or draw something they are thankful for on each placemat.

Build a Gingerbread House

You can provide a large house or smaller houses for each child to decorate. Gather a variety of decorations and allow children to work on the house while dinner is being prepared and adults are socializing.

Christmas Movie

After dinner, gather the children in a room for a traditional Christmas movie. Filing the room with large pillows, blankets, or sleeping bags can make it more fun and comfortable for the kids. Provide popcorn, hot chocolate, or other favorites for snacks. To make it easier on the parents when they get home, ask parents to bring PJ’s and allow children to change into PJ’s to watch the movie — some children may even fall asleep.

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