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Tips for Toy Safety This Christmas

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If you are considering a special toy for a child, you need to take a moment to consider the safety concerns before purchasing the toy. Thousands of children are injured or killed in accidents involving toys each year in the United States. The holidays can be a dangerous time for children because children receive gifts from people other than parents who may not understand the safety concerns if they do not have children of their own.

Therefore, if you are shopping for your own child or you are shopping for someone else’s child, keep the following toy safety tips in mind this holiday season.

  • Always read the warning labels included on the toy’s packaging. Toys should give instructions for the safe use of the toy, including the recommended age for safe use of the toy.
  • Before allowing a child to play with a new toy, ensure that the child understands the safe way to use the toy.
  • Check for toy recalls on all toys purchased for the holidays. Safe Kids Worldwide has links to the latest recalls. You can also sign up to receive recalls by email.
  • For younger children, think LARGE when purchasing toys. Small children put toys in their mouths, so small pieces or parts that can come off toys can be dangerous for smaller children.
  • Avoid toys that shoot objects because these toys can cause eye injuries and other injuries.
  • Be cautious when purchasing toys that use batteries, especially for small children. Batteries are deadly when ingested. If a toy has a battery, you need to make sure the battery compartment is secured with a screw that the child cannot remove.
  • Inspect all toys before giving them to a child for damage or other hazards.
  • Avoid toys that have toxic materials that can cause poisoning. Look for labels that clearly state the toy is “non-toxic.”
  • If you purchase a scooter, skateboard, skates, or other riding toys, you should also purchase a helmet and other protective gear to go along with the toy. Helmets and safety gear reduce the risk of death and injury for children.
  • Consider the ability of the child in addition to the child’s age when purchasing a toy. Not all children have the same abilities at the same age.
  • Electric toys with heating elements are not safe for younger children.
  • Read all instructions before allowing your child to play with a toy. You need to understand all safety precautions so that you can explain how to use the toy safely.
  • Immediately discard plastic wrapping and other materials that can cause choking or suffocation.

Common sense can be one of the best ways to protect children from injuries this holiday season. If you are in doubt about a toy, do not purchase it. There are many alternatives to choose from on store shelves this holiday season.

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