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Tips for Using Cruise Control During a Holiday Road Trip

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Are you traveling this holiday season to see family and friend? Maybe you and your partner are running away for a secret vacation for the holidays. Whether you are taking a short day trip, running errands, trying to get home, or packing the family for a weeklong holiday vacation, you will likely be on the roads quite a bit this holiday season. One thing to remember is when and where to use your cruise control and how to use your cruise control safely.

When is it Safe to Use Cruise Control?

The cruise control feature on your vehicle can be very helpful, especially for long road trips. However, it is best to use cruise control on long stretches of road with few turns or curves, such as the interstate and highway. In addition, cruise control is not appropriate for use during inclement weather, including rain, sleet, fog, hail, and snow.

Remember, your cruise control is different from assisted braking or other emergency braking systems. The cruise control feature is designed to keep your vehicle traveling at the same speed. Therefore, brakes are only used when the car begins to exceed the set speed. Cruise control will not engage the brakes if you are approaching another vehicle or object.

Always Remain Alert!

Some drivers can become lulled into distraction while using the cruise control feature. You must remember that hazards and dangers still exist on the road and you must be ready to take evasive action to avoid a collision even though the car may be controlling the speed.

Always keep your foot positioned near the brake while using cruise control. In many cases, cruise control is used when people are traveling at higher rates of speed on the interstate. Therefore, you MUST be prepared to step on the brakes quickly to respond to a potential hazard or danger, such as debris in the road, a car turning in front of you, or a traffic jam.

Another important thing to remember is you need to stay within the posted speed limits. It can be tempting to set the speed control for a few miles over the posted limit and simply let the car “do the driving” to get you to your destination quickly. However, it is not safe to drive over the posted speed limit, regardless of whether you are using cruise control, or you are controlling the speed of the vehicle.

During the holidays, roads will be crowded, and traffic jams are likely. We urge you to take precautions during the holiday season to reduce your risk of being involved in an accident. We want everyone to have an enjoyable and safe holiday season.

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