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What Should I Do After an Accident?

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We understand that if you have been involved in an accident, the information in this blog may not help you because you are now at the stage of filing an accident claim. Sadly, some individuals may be involved in another accident or you may want to share this information with friends and family so that they can be prepared in the event of an accident.

What Should I Do After an Accident?

You need to check yourself and all parties to see if anyone was injured in the collision. Call 911 for emergency medical services and to report the accident to the police. If everyone is safe and you are not placing yourself in danger, you can begin taking pictures of the accident scene. The goal is to show the crash scene as it appears immediately after the collision. Some of the information that you capture in your photographs could be very useful when you file your accident claim. Because cell phones can be damaged or lost in a crash, you should have a disposable camera in your vehicle so that you can take pictures after an accident.

Tips for Taking Good Pictures After an Accident

Some tips to keep in mind if you ever need to take photographs of a traffic accident or other personal injury accident include:

  • Get pictures of as many different angles as possible. If it is safe to move around, you should try to take pictures from all sides of the accident.
  • Try to include all the vehicles involved in the accident, including the damage to each vehicle and the position of the vehicles after the collision.
  • Make sure you take pictures of the surrounding scenery. In many cases, the environment at the time of the accident can play a significant role in determining fault in a personal injury claim.
  • Get as close as possible when photographing damage or other evidence to get as much of the detail as possible in the pictures.
  • Try to capture clear photographs. Pictures that are out of focus or pixelated are not very useful as evidence in court.

It can be very difficult to think clearly after a crash, especially if you suffered an injury. It can also be dangerous for you to move around an accident scene. Therefore, consider your safety, your health, and the safety of others as your highest priorities following an accident. Even if you are only able to take pictures from your vehicle while waiting for emergency assistance, something you photograph could be very useful when filing your personal injury claim.

Filing an Accident Claim for Damages

Do you have questions about filing an accident claim to recover compensation for injuries sustained in a traffic accident? Is the insurance company for the other driver denying or underpaying your injury claim? If so, the attorneys at Torem & Associates can help.

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